Good Time, Not a Long Time Podcast

You know, when people say the first eighteen years of your life is a free trial, they really are not kidding. Life is a pain and two young adults (Leon and Teigan) have a lot to say about it but very little to do. Laugh at their stories, listen to them rant but, most importantly, grab yourself a vodka lemonade. Time is a social construct my lovelies and we are here for a Good Time, Not a Long Time.


EP 20: That History Teacher
Show Details50min 43s
EP 19: The Dyslexic And The Beast
Show Details49min 19s
EP 18: When Life Gives You Oranges
Show Details39min 39s
EP 17: Mr Sanders, Bring Me a Meme
Show Details36min 38s
EP 16: Infectious Laughter
Show Details36min 35s
EP 15: Do What You Enjoy
Show Details40min 31s
EP 14: Big And Juicy
Show Details31min 39s
EP 13: New Year, Not New Me
Show Details28min 46s
EP 12: Yorkshire Pudding and Water (Christmas Special)
Show Details58min 1s
EP 11: Celebrations vs Quality Street
Show Details44min 23s
EP 10: Royally Miffed
Show Details37min 58s
EP 9: Hot Chocolate Malfunction
Show Details43min 30s
EP 8: Modern Day Robin Hood
Show Details49min 6s
EP 7: Hangover Recovery
Show Details49min 16s
EP 6: Trick Or Hot Dogs (Halloween Special)
Show Details1hr 36min
EP 5: Teigan is Not Sus
Show Details49min 11s
EP 4: You Only Live Once
Show Details49min 39s
EP 3: Manifest
Show Details49min 22s
EP 2: Ying and Yang
Show Details47min 48s
EP 1: We Are Not a Tory
Show Details49min 19s