Growing Payne

Jenn & Jase have a brand new addition to their family - Baby Jade! Join them on their ups and downs as new parents where they discuss all things baby on Growing Payne, a candid and unfiltered parenting podcast. Visit for more.


12: Extinction
Show Details31min 9s
11: 6 Months With Our High Needs Baby
Show Details27min 8s
10: Sleep School
Show Details24min 27s
9: Grandparents
Show Details32min 46s
8: Cost of Having a Baby
Show Details23min 21s
7: 100 Days of Babitude
Show Details34min 25s
6: Hostage Situation
Show Details51min 26s
5: No Sleep
Show Details32min 4s
4: Postpartum
Show Details38min 15s
3: Boobs
Show Details43min 28s
2: The Push
Show Details43min 54s
1: Labour
Show Details53min 45s