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Growing Design

Join us as we explore the role of design in business, art, and creativity.


#18 — MobilePay w/ Peter Gregersen
Show Details47min 19s
#17 — Webflow Freelancing w/ Jonathan Fors
Show Details51min 21s
#16 – Ross Champan Head of Design at Obodo
Show Details50min 49s
#15 - The History of UX w/ Jared Spool
Show Details46min 25s
#14 – Music & UX w/ Resonant Design
Show Details58min 14s
#13 – Articulating Design Concepts w/ Bao Vo
Show Details1hr 5min
#12 – Social Business Development w/ Walker Raigh
Show Details1hr 1min
#11 – The 7-Figure Remote Agency w/ Jinny Oh
Show Details58min 5s
#10 – The UX Of Music Tools w/ Simon Martin
Show Details44min 11s
#9 – SEO Strategy w/ Danielle Fauteaux
Show Details58min 12s
#8 – Landing Bigger Clients w/ Laura Khalil
Show Details58min 49s
#7 – Brand Science w/ Stæven Frey
Show Details1hr 15min
#6 – Share What You Know w/ Zach Hill
Show Details48min 5s
#5 – Sales Enablement w/ Crystal Nikosey
Show Details53min 13s
#4 – Design Sprints w/ Steph Cruchon
Show Details51min 28s
#3 – Why Niching Down is a Good Idea
Show Details21min
#2 – The Value Of Strategy w/ Romina Kavcic
Show Details1hr 12min
#1 – Value Based Pricing For Designers
Show Details9min 45s
Show Details28s