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GRIT: True Stories That Matter

GRIT is a weekly podcast about stories (the contemporary, personal narrative kind) and the people that craft and tell them.

Why you ask? Well, we want to feature these tellers and their GRIT stories. Also, to help you - our listeners - craft and tell better, more engaging, more relatable and more memorable stories (that matter!)

New episodes are typically released on Friday mornings. If you enjoy the podcast, please consider rating, reviewing and subscribing. Thanks!

Season 4 (Episodes 100+): Let's Get Gritty

Season 3 (Episodes 45-99): Grit Talks & Best Of

Season 2 (Episodes 21-45): Badass Women

Season 1 (Episodes 1-20): Convos with Kurt

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Sean Wellington is a teacher, speaker and story coach. He lives in Chapel Hill, NC (

Special thanks to Kurt Mullen and Mary Jo Pollack for their sublime contributions.


9/11 (four stories)🗽
Show Details28min 51s
9/11 (four stories) 🌇
Show Details27min 43s
Mental Health Happyish Hour (2 stories) 🥵
Show Details15min 21s
Grit Talks: Kory Thomas May 👓
Show Details29min 32s
Mental Health Happyish Hour (2 stories) 🌊
Show Details15min 20s
Best of July's 99-Second Story Grand Slam (8 stories) 🎆
Show Details16min 27s
Mental Health Happyish Hour (2 stories) 🇱🇰
Show Details13min 23s
Best of 7 by 7: Transported 🚇 (2 stories)
Show Details18min 24s
Mental Health Happyish Hour (2 Stories) 🎴
Show Details10min 9s
Best of 7 by 7: Heartful (2 stories) 💞
Show Details17min 55s
Mental Health Happyish Hour (2 stories) 🌼
Show Details17min 23s
Best of 7 by 7: Heroes (2 stories) 🎅🏾
Show Details17min 19s
Mental Health Happyish Hour (2 stories) 🌸
Show Details19min 1s
Best of May's 99-Second Story Slam (7 stories) 💻
Show Details15min 15s
Best of 7 by 7: Hospitals (2 stories) 🏥
Show Details16min 52s
Mental Health Happyish Hour (3 stories) 🌻
Show Details15min 16s
Best of ❼ by ❼: Keeping it Real (2 stories) ❤️‍🔥
Show Details22min 29s
Mental Health Happyish Hour (3 stories) 💐
Show Details19min 9s
Best of ⓻ by ⓻: The S Word (2 stories) ☔️
Show Details18min 21s
Best of April's 99-Second Slam (6 stories) ⚾️
Show Details13min 43s
Grit Talks: Page to Stage 📜
Show Details18min 33s
Mental Health Happyish Hour (2 stories) 🍎
Show Details25min 10s
Grit Talks: Mining For Stories (organoleptically?!) 👃🏽
Show Details18min 34s
Grit Talks: Practice (yep, we're talking about practice!) 🏀
Show Details26min 46s
Best of Deja True: 3 Bold & Braided Stories 🇸🇪
Show Details19min 50s
Best of February's 99-Second Slam 🏈
Show Details14min 38s
Best of 7by 7: Home Away from Home (2 stories) 🚌
Show Details19min 40s
Mental Health Happyish Hour (2 stories) 🐌
Show Details17min 43s
Best of 𝟟 by 𝟟: Fight the Fight (2 stories) 🛩
Show Details22min 55s
Mental Health Happyish Hour (3 stories) 💃🏿
Show Details19min 3s
Best of 𝟟 by 𝟟: New Chapters (3 stories) 📚
Show Details28min 8s
Mental Health Happyish Hour (2 stories) 🥋
Show Details14min 44s
Best of January's 99-Second Grand Slam ❆
Show Details14min 31s
Best of ❼ by ❼: Moth Legends (2 stories) 🦋
Hide Details20min 17s

Two stories originally told in the summer of 2020 at 7 by 7, Grit's curated virtual storytelling series.

STORY #1: Nestor Gomez (IL)

STORY #2: Matthew Dicks (CT)

Mental Health Happyish Hour (open mic)

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20min 17s
Published Jan 7, 2022 at 11:35am
Mental Health Happyish Hour (2 Stories) ⚕️
Show Details16min 4s
Best of ❼ by ❼: Parents (2 stories) 👨‍👩‍👦
Show Details15min 27s
Mental Health Happyish Hour (2 Stories) ⚕️
Show Details13min 46s
Best of Humor (2 slam winners) 😂
Show Details15min 45s
Best of December's 99-Second Slam ☃️
Show Details14min
GRIT Talks: Jonny Papers 🕶
Show Details19min 26s
Best of Deja True: Hard Truths (2 braided stories) 👥
Show Details15min 26s
Best of Deja True: Family Scars (2 braided stories) 🍂
Show Details18min
Best of October's 99-Second Story Slam 🎃👻
Show Details14min 52s
GRIT Talks: Why do you tell (and keep telling) stories? ⭐️⭐️
Show Details18min 3s
GRIT Talks: Erica Blumfield (Brainpower Chronicles) 🧐
Show Details31min 16s
GRIT Talks: Aditya Surendran (Cheese Dosa) 🧀
Show Details24min 12s
GRIT Talks: What makes for a great story? ⭐️
Show Details19min 36s
Best of Deja True: Home Grown (2 braided stories) 💚
Show Details16min 24s
GRIT Talks: What are your story pet peeves? 🐾
Show Details23min 27s
Best of September's 99-Second Slam 🪂
Show Details15min 14s
9/11: 20 Years Open Mic (3 stories) 🏙
Show Details11min 42s
A Totally New Form of Story! (2 Truelogues) 👥
Show Details22min 37s
Best of Mental Health Happyish Hour (2 Stories) 💛
Show Details15min 52s
99-Second Stories: Moms & Dads 🧡
Show Details15min 9s
Christel Bartelse Takes an Unexpected Turn 🌊
Show Details29min 45s
A Totally New Story Form! (2 truelogues) 👥
Show Details22min 24s
Mental Health Happyish Hour (3 stories) 🎙
Show Details26min 55s
Jessica Robinson Starts & Stops w/ Love 💜
Show Details27min 11s
Erin Barker Collides & Connects w/ Gumption 🐄
Show Details29min 3s
Gritty Women of The 99 (Second Story Slam) 💻
Show Details14min 36s
Best of GRIT SLAM (3 stories) 🎤
Show Details18min 36s
Linda Durrett Senses Epiphany w/ Dad 👨‍👧
Show Details32min 22s
Tracey Starin Advances Family Action 🏡
Show Details33min 40s
Shweta Bhatt Shows Bear Essentials 🐻
Show Details30min 26s
Neshama Franklin 'Done Gets' Life Partner ✈️
Show Details38min 19s
Steph Rogers Sets Scenes on L.A. Clay 🎾
Show Details39min 48s
Torrey Shine Ends with Two Booms (and a Win) 💥💥
Show Details33min 54s
Melissa Reaves Nudges thru Conflict 🙏🏼
Show Details33min 9s
Seven More 99s by Some Badass Women 💙
Show Details14min 45s
A Burst of Story by 7 Gritty Women 💥
Show Details14min 23s
Mary D'Alba Gets Vulnerable with Curious Niece ✪
Show Details31min 5s
Mary Jo Pollack Discovers Family Prophet 🕊
Show Details35min 37s
Dyan deNapoli Circles Back to Mom 👩‍👧
Show Details36min 31s
Cat Dean Dishes Delicious Surprise 🎁
Show Details33min 37s
Chandreyee Lahiri Adds Emotional Spice 🇮🇳
Show Details41min 32s
Marya Morris Raises Stakes in Prague 🇨🇿
Show Details29min 49s
Ronna Levy Dives In for Love ❤️
Show Details28min 14s
Another Delicious Dose of the 99s...
Show Details14min 46s
GRIT Talks: Johanne Pelletier 🍁
Show Details45min 14s
GRIT Talks: Richard Munchkin 🤑
Show Details37min 29s
Ready for a classic? (with teller Dr. Ray Christian)
Show Details35min 27s
Wait! Can you really tell a story in only 99 seconds?
Show Details15min 43s
Is the devil really in the details? (with teller Johanne Pelletier)
Show Details39min 47s
Where do we even begin? (with teller Jeremy Kredlo)
Show Details29min 11s
What's up with your tone? (with teller Sean Wellington)
Show Details38min 6s
What are you willing to include? (with teller Howard Lieberman)
Show Details35min 22s
How about some more 99-second stories?
Show Details15min 24s
What's a 99-second story?
Show Details16min 49s
Can we get personal? (with teller Ray Christian)
Show Details39min 27s
Do we really need to re-live our stories? (with teller Gail Thomas)
Show Details30min 27s
Do stories really need conflict? (with teller Maria Kostas)
Show Details32min 17s
What makes a story - a story? (with teller Sara Quay)
Show Details27min 18s
Does hope matter in storytelling? (with teller Don Picard)
Show Details39min 12s
When's the right time to tell a tough story? (with teller Laura Packer)
Show Details39min 36s
Why does wonder matter in storytelling? (with teller Kurt Mullen!)
Show Details36min 10s
Is emotional truth important? (with teller Andrew Shelffo)
Show Details36min 48s
Is storytelling a hobby? (with teller Julie Baker)
Show Details38min 26s