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GRIT: True Stories That Matter

GRIT is a weekly podcast about stories (the contemporary, personal narrative kind) and the people that craft and tell them.

Why you ask? Well, we want to feature these tellers and their GRIT stories. Also, to help you - our listeners - craft and tell better, more engaging, more relatable and more memorable stories (that matter!)

New episodes are typically released on Friday mornings. If you enjoy the podcast, please consider rating, reviewing and subscribing. Thanks!

Season 4 (Episodes 100+): Honest Man Bold Story (2023)

Season 3 (Episodes 46-99): Grit Talks & Best Of

Season 2 (Episodes 21-45): Badass Women

Season 1 (Episodes 1-20): Convos with Kurt

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Sean Wellington is a teacher, speaker and story coach. He lives in Chapel Hill, NC (

Special thanks to Kurt Mullen and Mary Jo Pollack for their sublime contributions.