GRIT: True Stories That Matter

Each week, hosts Sean and Kurt talk the art & craft of the personal narrative story by tackling one essential question, and feature a GRIT story by a stellar storyteller.

GRIT stories take us on an emotionally honest journey into the storytellers grown-up world (with grown-up problems, struggles and challenges).

We release new episodes on Thursday morning. If you would like to tell a story (or have a question):

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Kurt Mullen is a writer, storyteller and teacher. He lives with his family in Newburyport, MA.

Sean Wellington is a teacher, speaker and storyteller. He lives in Chapel Hill, NC.


Where do we even begin? (with teller Jeremy Kredlo)
Show Details29min 11s
What's up with your tone? (with teller Sean Wellington)
Show Details38min 6s
What are you willing to include? (with teller Howard Lieberman)
Show Details35min 22s
How about some more 99-second stories? 💥
Show Details15min 24s
What's a 99-second story?
Show Details16min 49s
Can we get personal? (with teller Ray Christian)
Show Details39min 27s
Do we really need to re-live our stories? (with teller Gail Thomas)
Show Details30min 27s
Do stories really need conflict? (with teller Maria Kostas)
Show Details32min 17s
What makes a story - a story? (with teller Sara Quay)
Show Details27min 18s
Does hope matter in storytelling? (with teller Don Picard)
Show Details39min 12s
When's the right time to tell a tough story? (with teller Laura Packer)
Show Details39min 36s
Why does wonder matter in storytelling? (with teller Kurt Mullen!)
Show Details36min 10s
Is emotional truth important? (with teller Andrew Shelffo)
Show Details36min 48s
Is storytelling a hobby? (with teller Julie Baker)
Show Details38min 26s