Green Spark Video Tips Podcast

Video producer Jim Cliff presents tips on using video to market your business, from what types of video work best for different industries, to how to interview people on camera, to how to use YouTube to make sure people can find your videos.


Quick tips videos - GSVT#17
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Even more tips for interviewing people on camera - GSVT#16
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More tips on interviewing people on camera - GSVT#15
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How to interview someone on camera
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How to add YouTube captions and why you should
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How to connect your Twitter account to YouTube - and why you should
Show Details2min 40s
Why you should allow comments on your YouTube videos
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The benefits of FAQ videos
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How to speak on camera when you can't remember your words
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The most common type of marketing video
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What to wear on video
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How long should my videos be?
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Who should present your business videos?
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The best type of video for boring companies
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How to stop saying Um and Err on video
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Why you shouldn't use a script for your business video
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Introduction to the Video Tips Podcast
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