The Truth About Deconstruction From Someone Who's In It Now

1h 21m | May 14, 2024

Matt posted something on Facebook recently about people who attempt to "police" those going through deconstruction, who seem to:

  1. equate deconstruction with de-conversion,
  2. say people deconstruct so they can sin,
  3. say people deconstruct to 'be cool or hip or trendy or for street cred',
  4. criticize 'giving up' on the local church, and
  5. blame deconstruction on bad teaching.

Matt received a response from Aaron Gardner, a friend who is right in the middle of a painful deconstruction process, and we decided to record a podcast conversation about what it's actually like to be right in the middle of deconstruction.

You can connect with Aaron on his Facebook page for further conversation.

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