Jacana Wellness and Jamaica's Rich Botanical Heritage

28m | May 27, 2024

Alexandra Chong, CEO at JACANA discusses her company's mission to establish a strong Jamaican brand for cannabis, grown naturally and sustainably. They cultivate and use over 70 medicinal plants for their range of wellness products, including CBD-infused topical creams, oils, and gummies. The team highlighted their position as the largest vertically integrated cannabis producer in Jamaica, with a focus on wellness and expanding into other plant-based and fungi categories. They emphasized the importance of their products being made in Jamaica and the traditional methods of cultivation and harvesting, while also maintaining the highest quality standards.

They also discussed the authenticity and cultivation of cannabis in Jamaica. They emphasized the importance of authenticity, noting that many international cannabis brands appropriate Jamaican culture without truly incorporating Jamaican-grown cannabis into their products. They also highlighted their commitment to organic cultivation and their aim to blend traditional growing techniques with modern scientific advancements to produce high-quality cannabis.

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