Granmaw's Blazing

The Jay Calano podcast presents a new show featuring Granmaw as she's asked hilarious questions and conversations about everything from Jake Paul to leaving her own grandson to sink on the Titanic.


Grandma wants to be a NASCAR driver // Episode 10
Show Details48min 42s
Thanksgiving Day Special //Episode 9
Show Details21min 27s
Breaking into Disney World // Episode 8
Show Details34min 53s
Logan Paul and Jake Paul Annoy me // Episode 7
Show Details45min 6s
"The Mandalorian Murdered my Tesla" // Episode 6
Show Details31min 36s
"Grandma's Intervention" // Episode 5
Show Details27min 43s
"Who the heck is Pewdiepie?" // Episode 4
Show Details35min 5s
"French Fries may kill people" // Episode 3
Show Details37min 26s
"Leonardo Dicaprio isn't my type" // Episode 2
Show Details38min 1s
"Send Noods" // Episode 1
Show Details39min 11s