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Granmaw's Blazing

In this comedy podcast with Nitrahawk, we get into the mind of Grandma and her incredibly warped vision of the world. From what she would do during a zombie apocalypse, to her believing Finland is fake, they talk about crazy conspiracies, youtubers, celebrities, insane scenarios, and so much more.


Johnny Depp
Show Details20min 2s
Kung Fu Panda Had an Orgy with Kim Jong Un - Grandma Podcast
Show Details1hr 1min
Hardcore Pawn // Episode 54
Show Details16min 47s
Camels & Alpaca's are the Same thing // Episode 53
Show Details24min 21s
Scarface Grandma // Episode 52
Show Details24min 18s
Do ya Like My Body Gefilte Fish is Sexy // Episode 50 (Grandma Podcast)
Show Details38min 19s
Zac Efron // Episode 49 (Grandma Podcast)
Show Details20min 16s
Jaws // Episode 48 (Grandma Podcast)
Show Details4min 33s
Hurricane's and Grandma's Brain // Episode 47 (Grandma Podcast)
Show Details21min 16s
Judge Judy Gives Grandma a Driver's License to Kill // episode 46 (Grandma Podcast)
Show Details36min 51s
Certified Freak Zero Days a Week // Episode 45 (Grandma Podcast)
Show Details24min 57s
Joe Rogan: Is he Seth Rogen's Brother? // Episode 44 (Grandma Podcast)
Show Details23min 49s
Lose Yourself to Seinfeld // Episode 43 (Grandma Podcast)
Show Details24min 30s
Scientology Recruitment // Episode 42 (Grandma Podcast)
Show Details8min 6s
Scumbag Squarepants // Episode 41 (Grandma Podcast)
Show Details9min 3s
The Naked Cowboy Does 6ix9ine // episode 40 (Grandma Podcast)
Show Details3min 41s
Bongos & Schlongs // Episode 39 (Grandma Podcast)
Show Details7min 33s
What's the Meaning of Life? // Episode 38 (Grandma Podcast)
Show Details4min 9s
Grandma Thinks She Can Outrun a Grizzly Bear // Episode 37 (Grandma Podcast)
Show Details24min 32s
hE wAs NuMbeR OnE!!!!!!!! / Episode 36 (Grandma Podcast)
Show Details31min 7s
Dane Cook vs Voodoo // Episode 35
Show Details25min 28s
Grandma Goes to Jail // Episode 34
Show Details28min 41s
David Dobrik Gave Grandma a Free Car... Would she accept it? // Episode 33
Show Details37min 34s
Carly Rae Jepsen and the Egg Man // Episode 32
Show Details33min 11s
My Grandma Doesn't want a Cure for AIDS //Episode 31
Show Details24min 8s
Life is a Highway // Episode 30
Show Details29min 56s
Family Guy // Episode 29
Show Details19min 31s
The Greatest Movie Idea Of All Time // Episode 28
Show Details36min 10s
Ronald Mcdonald wants my Social Security Number // Episode 27
Show Details30min 36s
Granmaw Doesn't Want to Be Iron Man // Episode 26
Show Details17min 38s
Dave Matthews Band Took a Dump on Chicago // Episode 25
Show Details47min 46s
Life was better Without Air Conditioning // Episode 24
Show Details32min 36s
My Grandma was a 911 Operator // Episode 23
Show Details25min 47s
Grandma Goes to Harvard Law School // Episode 22
Show Details24min 56s
Grandma Gives Dating Advice // Episode 21
Show Details25min 44s
Tinder Dating on Valentines Day // Episode 20
Show Details16min 22s
Doctors are prescribing Cocaine // Episode 19
Show Details28min 5s
I believe in the Loch Ness Monster // Episode 18
Show Details28min 43s
Launched into Space on a Toilet Bowl // Episode 17
Show Details40min 34s
Flying a Plane into the Bermuda Triangle // Episode 16
Show Details44min 1s
Grandma Never Saw Star Wars // Episode 15
Show Details34min 5s
Grandma learns about Online Porn // Episode 14
Show Details32min 9s
Santa Claus Gets The Vaccine (Christmas Special) // Episode 13
Show Details30min 11s
Festivus with Shrek & Ryan Seacrest // Episode 12
Show Details29min 10s
If I was Spider-Man I'd make a Pizza // Episode 11
Show Details41min 8s
Grandma wants to be a NASCAR driver // Episode 10
Show Details48min 42s
Thanksgiving Day Special //Episode 9
Show Details21min 27s
Breaking into Disney World // Episode 8
Show Details34min 53s
Logan Paul and Jake Paul Annoy me // Episode 7
Show Details45min 6s
"The Mandalorian Murdered my Tesla" // Episode 6
Show Details31min 36s
"Grandma's Intervention" // Episode 5
Show Details27min 43s
"Who the heck is Pewdiepie?" // Episode 4
Show Details35min 5s
"French Fries may kill people" // Episode 3
Show Details37min 26s
"Leonardo Dicaprio isn't my type" // Episode 2
Show Details38min 1s
Adam Sandler Sends Noods // Episode 1
Show Details39min 11s