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Granmaw's Blazing

In this comedy podcast with Nitrahawk, we get into the mind of Grandma and her incredibly warped vision of the world. From what she would do during a zombie apocalypse, to her believing Finland is fake, they talk about crazy conspiracies, youtubers, celebrities, insane scenarios, and so much more.


Jaws // Episode 48 (Grandma Podcast)
Show Details4min 33s
Hurricane's and Grandma's Brain // Episode 47 (Grandma Podcast)
Show Details21min 16s
Judge Judy Gives Grandma a Driver's License to Kill // episode 46 (Grandma Podcast)
Show Details36min 51s
Certified Freak Zero Days a Week // Episode 45 (Grandma Podcast)
Show Details24min 57s
Joe Rogan: Is he Seth Rogen's Brother? // Episode 44 (Grandma Podcast)
Show Details23min 49s
Lose Yourself to Seinfeld // Episode 43 (Grandma Podcast)
Show Details24min 30s
Scientology Recruitment // Episode 42 (Grandma Podcast)
Show Details8min 6s
Scumbag Squarepants // Episode 41 (Grandma Podcast)
Show Details9min 3s
The Naked Cowboy Does 6ix9ine // episode 40 (Grandma Podcast)
Show Details3min 41s
Bongos & Schlongs // Episode 39 (Grandma Podcast)
Show Details7min 33s
What's the Meaning of Life? // Episode 38 (Grandma Podcast)
Show Details4min 9s
Grandma Thinks She Can Outrun a Grizzly Bear // Episode 37 (Grandma Podcast)
Show Details24min 32s
hE wAs NuMbeR OnE!!!!!!!! / Episode 36 (Grandma Podcast)
Show Details31min 7s
Dane Cook vs Voodoo // Episode 35
Show Details25min 28s
Grandma Goes to Jail // Episode 34
Show Details28min 41s
David Dobrik Gave Grandma a Free Car... Would she accept it? // Episode 33
Show Details37min 34s
Carly Rae Jepsen and the Egg Man // Episode 32
Show Details33min 11s
My Grandma Doesn't want a Cure for AIDS //Episode 31
Show Details24min 8s
Life is a Highway // Episode 30
Show Details29min 56s
Family Guy // Episode 29
Show Details19min 31s
The Greatest Movie Idea Of All Time // Episode 28
Show Details36min 10s
Ronald Mcdonald wants my Social Security Number // Episode 27
Show Details30min 36s
Granmaw Doesn't Want to Be Iron Man // Episode 26
Show Details17min 38s
Dave Matthews Band Took a Dump on Chicago // Episode 25
Show Details47min 46s
Life was better Without Air Conditioning // Episode 24
Show Details32min 36s
My Grandma was a 911 Operator // Episode 23
Show Details25min 47s
Grandma Goes to Harvard Law School // Episode 22
Show Details24min 56s
Grandma Gives Dating Advice // Episode 21
Show Details25min 44s
Tinder Dating on Valentines Day // Episode 20
Show Details16min 22s
Doctors are prescribing Cocaine // Episode 19
Show Details28min 5s
I believe in the Loch Ness Monster // Episode 18
Show Details28min 43s
Launched into Space on a Toilet Bowl // Episode 17
Show Details40min 34s
Flying a Plane into the Bermuda Triangle // Episode 16
Show Details44min 1s
Grandma Never Saw Star Wars // Episode 15
Show Details34min 5s
Grandma learns about Online Porn // Episode 14
Show Details32min 9s
Santa Claus Gets The Vaccine (Christmas Special) // Episode 13
Show Details30min 11s
Festivus with Shrek & Ryan Seacrest // Episode 12
Show Details29min 10s
If I was Spider-Man I'd make a Pizza // Episode 11
Show Details41min 8s
Grandma wants to be a NASCAR driver // Episode 10
Show Details48min 42s
Thanksgiving Day Special //Episode 9
Show Details21min 27s
Breaking into Disney World // Episode 8
Show Details34min 53s
Logan Paul and Jake Paul Annoy me // Episode 7
Show Details45min 6s
"The Mandalorian Murdered my Tesla" // Episode 6
Show Details31min 36s
"Grandma's Intervention" // Episode 5
Show Details27min 43s
"Who the heck is Pewdiepie?" // Episode 4
Show Details35min 5s
"French Fries may kill people" // Episode 3
Show Details37min 26s
"Leonardo Dicaprio isn't my type" // Episode 2
Show Details38min 1s
Adam Sandler Sends Noods // Episode 1
Show Details39min 11s