Grade A Nation

Grade A Nation is an easily digestible podcast with no filler. Think of it as theater of the mind...and sometimes of the absurd! Topics are discussed with a quirky blend of humor and honesty. Hear from the interesting personalities of the day at their most unfiltered with compelling interviews. The podcast for folks that don't want to be pandered to or have their time wasted. A program presented by Grade A USA and hosted by Chris Thomas.


Episode 90: Diary of a Absolutely Not Mad Black Woman
Show Details1hr 15min
Episode 89: Alex Trebek Passes; Donald Trump for New Jeopardy! Host?
Show Details15min 20s
Episode 88: New Gmail Logo Causes Family Chaos?
Show Details13min 28s
Episode 87: Teacher Pulls a Jeffrey Toobin on Zoom?
Show Details20min 10s
Episode 86: Grade A Identity Theft?
Show Details24min 26s
Episode 85: How did Hope Hicks Give President Trump and the First Lady COVID-19?
Show Details14min 29s
Episode 84: Exploiting the Ron Paul Stroke?
Show Details20min 31s
Episode 83: Burger King Kissing Ronald McDonald
Show Details22min 6s
Episode 82: Does President Trump Want to Be On Mount Rushmore?
Show Details11min 5s
Episode 81: Why Would a Backpack be a Useful Covid-19 Mask?
Show Details14min 35s
Episode 80: The Latin Leche Incident
Show Details12min 39s
Episode 79: Jerry Falwell Jr. Out at Liberty University?
Show Details12min 46s
Episode 78: The Ellen Show and Big Dong Energy
Show Details10min 55s
Episode 77: The Puzzle of Seeds from China!
Show Details12min 7s
Episode 76: The New Host of Dancing With the Stars Is...
Show Details13min 32s
Episode 75: Celebrating the Lives of Joel Schumacher and Carl Reiner
Show Details17min 7s
Episode 74: Replacing Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben!
Show Details10min 47s
Episode 73: Will the Band "The Police" be Pulled off the Radio Now?
Show Details16min 1s
Episode 72: A Wendy's Frosties for Floyd Challenge?
Show Details10min 19s
Episode 71: Grant Napear Loses Job Over Twitter Reply About Black Lives Matter
Show Details10min 19s
Episode 70: Joe Rogan, Cash Her Daddy, and the Podcast Money Grab!
Show Details12min 52s
Episode 69: San Diego Comic-Con Cancelled and Creeper Landlords!
Show Details12min 43s
Episode 68: Did Dr. Fauci End the XFL and AMC Movie Theaters?
Show Details9min 47s
Episode 67: Pump off Andrew to Help Fight the Coronavirus?
Show Details20min 8s
Episode 66: Travel Escape Room Filled with Coughing Chinese Stuntmen?
Show Details28min 19s
Episode 65: Hand Sanitizer Stands and Coronavirus as an act of God?
Show Details19min 56s
Episode 64: Chili Con Carne Caper!
Show Details15min 9s
Episode 63: Coronavirus Boner Card!
Show Details11min 34s
Episode 62: Offensive Kobe Bryant Mural, Nyla Rose Valentine’s Day Date, and Mayor Pete Loves Urkel!
Show Details22min 12s
Episode 61: Iowa Caucus in My Mouth
Show Details10min 53s
Kobe Bryant: A Hero
Show Details4min 29s
Episode 60: Coronavirus, Star Trek and Space Force, and Joe Rogan Endorses Bernie Sanders
Show Details12min 37s
Episode 59: Conor McGregor UFC Return Results in Hot Sauce Assault!
Show Details20min 19s
Episode 58: How Will Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Make Money Upon Leaving the Royal Family?
Show Details17min 42s
Episode 57: Panic Over Friends No Longer on Netflix in the USA!
Show Details23min 15s
Episode 56: Roaring Twenties
Show Details11min 13s
Episode 55: Would You Eat Dinner With a Stranger Over a Mobile App?
Show Details15min 7s
Episode 54: Baby Yoda Nativity Scene to Celebrate Star Wars and Christmas?
Show Details12min 56s
Episode 53: Movie Review — Does “The Irishman” Not Celebrate Black Excellence?
Show Details12min 57s
Episode 52: Grade A Anniversary!
Show Details21min
Episode 51: Where in the World is Mauro Ranallo? Conspiracy Theorists Weigh In!
Show Details30min 25s
Episode 50: Jay Unleashed Comments on Gabrielle Union and the America’s Got Talent Controversy!
Show Details12min 42s
Episode 49: Can ‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’ Bring Back Bad Childhood Memories?
Show Details23min
Episode 48: Taste Test of Mountain Dew Limited Edition Merry Mash-Up!
Show Details16min 15s
Episode 47: Autopsy of Failure - Dissecting Why Charlie’s Angels Reboot Bombed at Box Office!
Show Details13min 42s
Episode 46: Subway Slider Farts + Magnum Condom Ads = Disappointment!
Show Details11min 43s
Episode 45: James Dean in a New Film and is “Boomer” a Racial Slur?
Show Details21min 46s
Episode 44: Joker Stairs, Panera Bread Moms, and Sopping Wet Panties
Show Details19min 20s
Episode 43: Would You Travel to Hawaii Despite an STD Epidemic?
Show Details15min 35s
Episode 42: Shepard Smith and His Abrupt Exit from Fox News
Show Details12min 16s
Episode 41: Why are Tampons in the Men’s Restroom?
Show Details9min 33s
Episode 40: Are Movie Theaters Banning Costumes at Joker Screenings Being Fair?
Show Details15min 50s
Episode 39: Shane Gillis, Cokie Roberts, Ric Ocasek, and Eddie Money
Show Details25min 55s
Episode 38: Young Wrestling Fan Reveals Crush on AEW Performer Nyla Rose
Show Details17min 9s
Episode 37: Should Carl’s Jr. Be Giving IT Chapter Two Collectors Cups to Kids?
Show Details14min 30s
Episode 36: The Great Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Taste Test!
Show Details13min 41s
Episode 35: James Charles Posts Booty Pic Selfie on Twitter!
Show Details19min 13s
Episode 34: Breaking News — Jeffrey Epstein Dead....What Happened?
Show Details11min 49s
Episode 33: Are Bulletproof Backpacks a Waste of Money?
Show Details17min 2s
Episode 32: Are Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes Really Lovers?
Show Details13min 44s
Episode 31: Elder Care for Seniors Like Robert Mueller
Show Details19min 7s
Episode 30: Why Do Twitter Shadowbans Happen?
Show Details15min 56s
Episode 29: Two and a Half Pump Chump
Show Details9min 55s
Episode 28: A World of Sex Workers?
Show Details12min 11s
Episode 27: Breaking News - YouTuber Etika Gone Too Soon and Found Dead at 29
Show Details11min 37s
Episode 26: Can You Shame Someone Into Not Using Plastic Bags?
Show Details12min 17s
Episode 25: Los Angeles Lakers Sell the Farm for Anthony Davis and is Jessica Biel an #AntiVaxx Zealot?
Show Details21min 42s
Episode 24: Kylie Jenner Vlog Reaction and Steven Crowder YouTube Demonetization!
Show Details34min 5s
Episode 23: AEW Announcer, Howard Stern Book, and YouTube vs Social Blade!
Show Details18min 33s
Episode 22: Ashley Massaro Lesson Gets Teacher in Trouble!
Show Details14min 39s
Episode 21: James Charles Fake Apology Watchalong
Show Details22min 33s
Episode 20: The Ballad of Conrad Thompson
Show Details10min 15s
Episode 19: Mayor Pete Announces Run For Presidency and Julian Assange Grooming Tips!
Show Details11min 28s
Episode 18: Silly Nipsy Hussle Conspiracy Theory and Three Cheers for the Special Olympics!
Show Details13min 37s
Episode 17: Taking Mother To Go See Deep Throat!
Show Details22min 55s
Episode 16: Bathroom Tapping, Catholic Gamer House, and Yang Gang Bullies!
Show Details17min 9s
Episode 15: Block Odell Beckham Jr. Trade and Free Lori Loughlin!
Show Details20min 20s
Episode 14: Breaking News — Luke Perry Dead at 52
Show Details15min 47s
Episode 13: Leave Howard Schultz of Starbucks Alone!
Show Details12min 20s
Episode 12: Reviewing 'Fighting with My Family' Naked in the Theater!
Show Details13min 12s
Episode 11: Payless Clerk's Misinterpreted 'Netflix and Chill' Offer
Show Details10min 54s
Episode 10: Awful Valentine’s Day Romance Advice
Show Details14min 13s
Episode 9: Exploding Vape Pen Man Comments on Liam Neeson Being Accused of Racism
Show Details11min 1s
Episode 8: WWE 2019 Royal Rumble Review -- A Lousy Event!
Show Details26min 11s
Episode 7: What Would You Do If You Had A Prejudiced Uber or Lyft Driver?
Show Details9min 15s
Episode 6: Jeff Van Gundy Fan Club
Show Details10min 57s
Episode 5: I Saw Mommy Kissing...Trumpy Bear
Show Details11min 1s
Episode 4: WWE Making Changes...Ghost Chris Benoit as a Character?
Show Details19min 3s
Episode 3: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Creates Controversy and Pete Davidson Distraught on Instagram!
Show Details12min 44s
Episode 2: Kevin Hart, Charissa Thompson, and a Slice of Wonder Bread Walk Into a Bar
Show Details15min 24s
Episode 1: Fallen Icon George H.W. Bush
Show Details11min 40s
Have Some Fun With the Grade A Nation!
Show Details53s