Grace Intersect

Where God's Grace Meets Us In The Context Of His Love.

The journey from human nature and religion to grace and love in relationship with Jesus


#20 When Death Called
Show Details16min 55s
#19 With Craig Nelson
Show Details25min 40s
#18 You Must Have One Without the Other
Show Details17min 45s
#17 Distortion, Manipulation and Inspiration
Show Details16min 4s
#16 Paula and God
Show Details26min 40s
#15 Unlimited Grace
Show Details16min 20s
#14 God's Love vs. Our Behavior
Show Details17min 22s
#13 What’s Love Got to Do With It?
Show Details15min 11s
#12 I'm The Luckiest Man On Earth
Show Details20min 18s
#11 What Would You Say At A Wedding?
Show Details16min 35s
#10 I Am Who You Say I Am
Show Details17min 39s
#9 Forgiveness? Why? By Whom?
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#8 Freedom
Show Details19min 4s
#7 Who Is Jesus and What Does He Want?
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#6 God and Abraham’s Faith Covenant
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#5 Adam and Eve Chose Poorly
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#4 Rules or Relationship?
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#3 Grace Intersect--Conversation With Dad About Leaving the Church
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#2 Grace Intersect--Confused
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#1 Grace Intersect–Where God’s Grace Meets Us in the Context of His Love
Show Details16min 53s