This podcast is the unedited phone calls you have with your mom, but with two microphones. Got It From My Mama, is a weekly podcast with comedian hosts Tori Piskin, (MTV, Wild ’N Out, Refinery29 SnapChat Discover, Comics To Watch) and her mom Lulu Piskin, a professional fitness instructor and town gossip. They discuss everything from dating as a millennial, pop culture, and calling out typical mom behavior. So pop a Xanax and listen to them chat about everything you wouldn't or would want to talk to your own mom about.


65: To the guys I’ve (kinda) dated - funny and real letters of disappointment from girls to their “exes”.
Show Details38min 32s
64: Moms most desperate attempt to set up daughter
Show Details29min 1s
EP 63: My Gut just knew, I’m not marrying this guy. - Erica Spera comedian and podcast host of Shooters Gotta Shoot
Show Details49min 24s
EP 62: Don’t Be a F***king stupid idiot - Mom
Show Details27min 40s
EP 61: How to accidentally go Viral with Comedian Joe Dombrowski (aka Mr. D)
Show Details58min 50s
EP 60: Getting laid during the coronavirus? 
Show Details31min 55s
EP 59: A different type of POD exclusive interview with Kenny Barnes from Netflix’s Love Is Blind
Show Details1hr 12min
58: He wasn’t from an app, he was from Instagram - what it was like going on a date with someone you’ve been DM’ing on IG - how to confront the guy that appears every 3 weeks - Lulu’s review on the TV show This Is Us.
Show Details20min 44s
EP 57: Why do you date people that remind you of your parents? - How to become happily single, Why growing up with a cynical mother Fucks you up - and learning what your emotional turn ons are in dating.
Show Details37min 40s
56: What happens when you’re the oldest single girl on the bachelorette trip - having an emotional hangover from wedding/bachelor events - etiquette on hooking up with someone at Bachelorette trips?
Show Details32min 45s
EP 55: Carrie Bradshaw lied about dating in NYC - Katie Bellotte - Why Finance guys love to hear themselves talk - What does it mean to leave you on read? - Dietary restrictions on dates & How she misdiagnosed her Lyme disease for a hangover
Show Details1hr 5min
EP 54: Dating in NYC is just like The Bachelor - Bachelor recap - Why Beauty pageant girls get the furthest - What type of girls we need to see MORE of on the Bachelor - How the contestants are coached in their interviews.
Show Details34min 11s
53: Living with an autoimmune disease in your 20’s - ⁃Craziest thing you’ve done to get healed - challenging your doctors - when to reveal your illness in a relationship?
Show Details1hr 25min
EP 52: I’ve got Justin Bieber’s disease - Lyme disease - Special guest Loud Speaker co-founder Chris Morrow- How we got bit & diving into crippling symptoms, can we find a cure?
Show Details34min 35s
EP 51: Is high self esteem a crime? Secrets to reality shows and how to get the perfect Brow - Joey Healy
Show Details1hr 12min
EP 50: Slide into the minds of two single guys - Comedian Brian Park & Dylan Palladino
Show Details57min 41s
EP 49: Love can happen in Vegas - Comedian Vanessa Johnston
Show Details1hr 6min
EP 48: Anything but anonymous - Pam Kaye RCA Records - her #metoo story - dating in NYC as a successful woman in her 40’s
Show Details56min 46s
EP 47: I have a penis and I want to use it - Comedian Chris Cheney
Show Details55min 4s
EP 46: Micro dosing on a first date - New hinge features - guys paying for first dates - preppy murder recap
Show Details53min 42s
EP 45: Being dumped is like being murdered - Comedian Jared Freid
Show Details52min 8s
EP 44: When he runs away from you, but he’s on crutches - Tori & Lulu
Show Details45min 21s
EP 43: Why do mom digs hurt more than paper cuts? - Comedian Alex Pavone
Show Details1hr 1min
EP 42: GOT IT FROM MY MAMA'S FIRST LIVE SHOW (part of the New York Comedy Festival)
Show Details42min 23s
EP 41: When You're Bad At Your Job But You Work For Your Family - Comedian & Dry Cleaning Heiress Ariana Basseri
Show Details1hr 9min
EP 40: Here's the thing about dating older guys - Renee Willett
Show Details57min 43s
EP 39: When your mom picks your college - comedian Jimmy Schatz - does college really matter?
Show Details1hr 3min
EP 38: Lulu & Tori with Michael Rapaport - Bravo Enthusiast - How his career started - Advice on being in the entertainment industry - His love for standup - Not dating younger men - What pisses him off as a parent
Show Details44min 15s
EP 37: When your DM hookup slides into dinner with your mom
Show Details1hr 8min
EP 36: As a parent you really get shit on - Tori books a Facebook comedy campaign - Guys texting too much before the first date - is there a right time for a relationship? - Bachelor in Paradise recap - answering all your questions
Show Details1hr 6min
EP 35: Ahh F**k it, we’re all going to die - comedian Des Bishop - The Shift podcast - Dating No No’s - Lulu being single? - finding humor at funerals - Parents baggage on their kids.
Show Details1hr 12min
EP 34: It's like survivor, but with sex - parents and reality shows - bachelor in paradise - parents at weddings
Show Details33min 52s
EP 33: The two dry vaginas - Tori & Lulu - When you’re on holiday and need an embarrassing subscription - When someone says they have other dates on your date - Instagram dog envy - Getting approached to be on another reality show - A breakdown of a typ
Show Details38min 53s
EP 32: Don’t put me in a home just smother me with a pillow - Lulu Momism - Evil step grand mothers - Answering your questions
Show Details39min 18s
EP 31: Skateboarders, Drummers, Glassblowers, I’ve dated every type of guy that goes to NYU - Lulu got poached to be a tv co-host - Lulu tries to set Tori up - Being the Quiet Child
Show Details30min 16s
EP 30: Parents Up Your Asses About Your Careers?- comedian and podcast host Dylan Palladino - how to manage your parents advice - emotions are not logical - why men can have more casual sex then women
Show Details49min 5s
EP 29: When The Dick Is Talking - Tori & Lulu - Answering your DMs
Show Details34min 45s
EP 28: Devacurl Curly Hair Stylist Mia- Dealing With Curly Hair - Managing Frizz - Answering Questions You’ve Always Wanted To Ask Your Hair Stylist
Show Details50min 53s
EP 27: Get Your Boobs Done & Get On The Bachelor - Lulu and Tori - Talking TLC’s Smothered - Bachelor Recap - Lulu’s New Sheepadoodle Dog - Boundaries When It Comes To Your Children
Show Details33min 23s
EP 26: You Slut You - Podcast Host Asian, Not Asian Podcast- Fumi Abe - Mic Nguyen - Asian and Jewish parenting styles - When parents think they’re kid is gay - the real reason why guys leave relationships too early 
Show Details1hr
EP 25: I Want To Make Out With Lulu - Hannah Berner @beingbernz - Comedian, Podcast Host of Berning In Hell and Reality Star of Bravo’s Summer House
Show Details1hr 7min
EP 24: She Was No Beauty - Ian Lara @ianlaralive - Stand Up Comedian - Comedy Central and Bring The Funny
Show Details1hr
EP 23: Lulu & Tori- Parents and technically - Putting your problems on your parents - Dealing with breakups - Answering your questions
Show Details37min 56s
EP 22: We He Stresses Me Out, I Get Wetter - Podcaster Weezy from Whoreible Decisions - Taking Your Side Hustle To Full Time Career - Throuples - And The Closet Tori's Ever Been To A Three Sum
Show Details1hr 22min
EP 21: Tori, You Are Fresh - Tori and Lulu - Why do parents exaggerate stories - Tori goes speed dating - review Netflix show They See Us
Show Details35min 18s
EP 20: She Called It The Vagina Thing- Comedian Katie Boyle and Podcast Host of The Shift- childhood masturbation stories - being a hopeless Romantic as a millennial - qualities to look for in men
Show Details38min 42s
EP 19: Spending the weekends with your parents: does that make you a loser? Mid-week check in with the Piskins.
Show Details21min 42s
EP 18: When He Just Send Emojis - Natalie Friedman @nataliefriedman - Comedian & Impressionist - Talking worst jobs - Dating older guys - How to decipher text emojis
Show Details50min 41s
EP 17: Don't Have A Make-Out Sesh In A BodySuit - Lulu & Tori
Show Details44min 8s
EP 16: Sista, Sista - Lindsay Meltzer @WeMetAtAcme & Alli Hiller @healthyalibi
Show Details47min 14s
EP 15: Call Me Crazy, But I Have Phobias - Comedian Tracey Carnazzo - @trixietuzzini from Teen Mom Trash Talk
Show Details54min 32s
EP 14: Dating Guys Outside Your City? - Emma Vernon From In A World: The Dating Show?
Show Details54min 46s
EP 13: When You Catch Him Swiping! - Lulu & Tori
Show Details26min 44s
EP 12: Bitches Like Attention - IG Comedian Maya @damnhomie11
Show Details58min 35s
EP 11: Guys Who Can't Make Plans. - Lulu & Tori
Show Details29min 5s
EP 10: Pull Your Pants Down And Lets Go - Andrew Collin & Mara Marek From Happy Never After Podcast
Show Details58min 35s
EP 9: Sliding Into Your Vagina - Lulu & Tori
Show Details29min 51s
EP 7: The One Photo Tinder Guy. A Gem or a Psycho? - Lulu & Tori
Show Details32min 54s
EP 8: Be You, But Don't Have Your Nipple Hang Out - Fashion Stylist & Influencer Patricia Foster Klein - @backwardinheels
Show Details56min 31s
EP 6: Squeeze Your Ass Like There’s A Hinge Date In There - comedians @KerrynFeehan and @Neallovesyou
Show Details1hr 4min
EP 5: DON'T GROUPON YOUR BOTOX - Plastic Surgeon Jordan Terner
Show Details40min 40s
Show Details38min 38s
EP 3: Date A Rich Cougar - Lev Fer - @levfer From Yung Daddy Podcast
Show Details1hr 3min
EP 2: LEG OPEN. HAND IN - Lulu & Tori
Show Details32min 57s
BONUS EP1: The NYU Dental Slut - Lulu & Tori - Bonus
Show Details9min 54s
EP1: You're My Mini Me - Lulu & Tori
Show Details32min 12s