Gospel Hope

Displaying the Reconciling Hope of the Gospel.


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Agents of Transformation
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Life in Abundance
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Jesus, Light of the World
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I Have Come
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The Long Game (Part 2)
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The Long Game
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Changing King, Unchanging God
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The Church as a Family
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Belshazzar's Big Blunder
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Courage Under Fire
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The Dream Team
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Gritty Grace
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Bridge Builders
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Runaway to Reconciled
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Revenge, Rampage, Reconciliation
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You've Got a Friend in Me
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The Anatomy of Temptation & Strategy of Satan
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Relational Wreckage
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The Fugitive
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The All Season Savior
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Haters Gonna' Hate
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It's Complicated
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Complete Sanctification
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Watch Me Work
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Unintended Effect
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Against the Current
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The Agitator
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Wise Up
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Thrive or Hide
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Walk It Out
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Wait Time
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Say My Name
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True Beauty
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Sick of God
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Holy, Holy, Holy
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Knowing God
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Hope is Alive (Easter Message)
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Our Darkest Day, His Finest Hour
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Hope is Alive
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Our Good Shepherd
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Fear Less
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Knock Knock, Whose There...
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Declare the Glory of Christ to the Nations
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Teach Us to Pray
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Generous Stewards
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Gospel Centered: Moving from Compliance to Conformity
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Chasing Greatness
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Longing to Belong
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Savior and Treasure
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Dependent Children
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The Promised One
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A Star is Born
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Jesus is: God With Us
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Jesus is King
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Doubt Less
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The Greatest Showman
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Adoption: The Sweetest Doctrine
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Bread for the Hungry
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In Sync
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The Born Identity
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Someone You Should Meet
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In Closing
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Relationship Advice
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How Should We Treat Each Other in the Church? | Bernard Hairston
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The New You
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Connected to Christ
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Christ Over All
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Enough is Enough
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Gospel Seeds
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My Brother's Keeper
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The Ordinances: Empty Rituals or Glorious Institutions | Travis Walker
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The Unpopular Vote
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Constructive Feedback
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From Brokenness to Beauty
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What's Your Status?
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Happily Ever After
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Out of Step
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Man in the Mirror
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Address the Mess
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Bragging Rights and Bragging Wrongs
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Community Group or Community Coup?
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This Changes Everything
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The Ultimate Substitute
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Authentically Human, Audaciously Holy
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Evangelism Essentials
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You Better Sing
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The Lord is Just...
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The Passover is a Symbol and a Cymbal
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The Great Symbol
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And You Shall Know
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The All Sufficient Lord and The Insufficient Leader
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The Great Escape
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Mission Critical
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New Relationships, New Responsibilities
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Growing in the Gospel
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Last Words
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The Consolation Prize
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Do You Hear What I Hear?
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The Surprising Savior
Show Details35min 44s
A Long Wait
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The "Waze" of Repentance
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God's Guidance is Our Refuge
Show Details20min 9s
Longing for Home
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Real Faith Has Reflexes
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Children of God
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Save the Date
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The Great Illusionist
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Heart Disease
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A Word to the Wise
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Watch Your Mouth
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Active Faith
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Bias is a Sin Problem, Not a Social Problem
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True Religion
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Do What You Already Know
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Cultivating a Godly Perspective on Trials
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The Reality Check
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Counter Intuitive
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Lost in Translation
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