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Goodbye, Philippines

Through Facebook conversations, George gets glimpses of Filipino lives in the Philippines and among expatriates and Overseas Foreign Workers.

Although he prefers to keep his emotional distance, we gradually see George’s longing for meaningful connections and his ongoing grief for his deceased partner.

The interest is both documentary and personal, as he discovers the breadth and uniqueness of the gay community in the Philippines and in North America. He is often reminded of the disparity between the deprivations and emotional angst of his youth and the sufferings of the younger generation.

As his health declines, George continues to encounter younger gays, writers, and others with similar interests. Facebook gives him licence to be bolder and more direct with his questions about others’ lives. Stories by Charles Au Lavoie

Read by Warren Carrie

Music by Angelica Dayao

Painting by Detalyii/Jacob Bravo

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Goodbye message
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Chapter 17 - Family Reunion
Show Details19min 52s
Chapter 16 - George's Fear
Show Details21min 20s
Chapter 15 - Online Economy
Show Details14min 56s
Chapter 14 - The Starting Point
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Chapter 13 - The Purpose of Life
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Chapter 12 - Guilt
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Chapter 11 - All About Love
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Chapter 10 - Shackled
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Chapter 9 - Jack of All Trades
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Chapter 8 - Love is a Mango Smoothie
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Chapter 7 - Straight to God
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Chapter 6 - Saturn's Children
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Chapter 5 - Can I Call You Dad?
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Chapter 4 - Boy or Girl
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Chapter 3 - Drinking Buddies
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Chapter 2 - Dirty Curiosity
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Chapter 1 - Guilty of Stalking
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