Golden’s Voice

Golden’s Voice is a place for listeners to come and hear what really has to be said. It’s about Dreamers coming together and pushing each other to reach goals doing whatever it takes to get there. It’s about speaking life into situations even during the hardest of times. So we're not holding anything back! We’re going to Laugh through our pain, Share Love, and continue to Believe. My dear friends, listen in, because we have A LOT to talk about...


Giving Is A Gift
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Be Patient My Love
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We’re Back!!! | Establishing Your Why
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15| Update Yourself Shamelessly
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14| Trust the Process
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13| Sis, Don’t Give Up!
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12| Don’t Worry About A Thang
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11| Entanglement? Let’s Talk...
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10 | Purpose? What is that?
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9| What is A Gift? What is Your Gift?
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8| Addressing Today’s Reality
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7| Did You Rip Your List?
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6| Let’s Be Real
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5| STOP Obsessing over the HOW
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3l We’re Experiencing A Road Block
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2| Who’s Dream is it?...
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1l Meet Faith
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Welcome to Golden’s Voice!!
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