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Going Deep

Courtney Wallace and Mya Felder give you the inside scoop on a Nebraska Softball team primed for another Playoff run.


Best & Worst Halloween Candies - October 26th, 7:45pm
Show Details5min 46s
Player Accountability - October 26th, 7:25pm
Show Details13min 8s
Conditioning/Strength-Training/Recovery - October 26th, 7:00pm
Show Details21min 7s
Diversity Issues in Softball and More - October 19th, 7:45pm
Show Details6min 9s
Scholarships and Looking Beyond School - October 19th, 7:25pm
Show Details12min 57s
Setting Up the Future - October 19th, 7pm
Show Details21min
How Old are We?! - October 12th, 7:45pm
Show Details11min 10s
Karter, Nick, Courtney, and Mya Chop It Up - October 12th, 7pm
Show Details12min 40s
How'd Fall Ball Go? - October 12th, 7:25pm
Show Details10min 55s
Is There Pressure for the Reigning Big Ten Champs? - September 28th, 9:45pm
Show Details7min 43s
Reliving the Big Ten Championship - September 28th, 9:25pm
Show Details14min 46s
Debut of Going Deep w/ Mya Felder & Courtney Wallace! - September 28th, 9:00pm
Show Details20min 39s