The "No" Is Not Rejection

20m | Aug 16, 2023

Welcome to this week's enlightening episode of RX for Purpose with Dr. Sharla. In this installment, Dr. Sharla takes a moment to reflect on her transformative shift in perspective over the past year as her birthday approaches. With gratitude and humility, she shares her journey of seeking and embracing God's guidance in her life.

Join Dr. Sharla as she revisits her most significant revelation of the year - the harmonization of her personal values with her relationship with God. Throughout 2021, she found herself engaged in activities that didn't bring her joy. While appreciative of her circumstances and passionate about her work, she embarked on a candid conversation with God about her feelings. In response, she experienced a profound transformation as God revealed her heart's true desires.

If you're on a similar path of growing and deepening your relationship with God, this episode is tailor-made for you. Dr. Sharla's experiences and insights will resonate with anyone seeking a more profound connection with their faith.

Throughout this episode, Dr. Sharla shares her inspiring story, offering guidance and principles for strengthening your relationship with God. Drawing from her own transformative journey, she illustrates how her willingness to say "No" to what wasn't aligned with her true purpose led her to the perfect situation.

Tune in to this episode and allow Dr. Sharla's revelations to inspire you in your own spiritual journey. By sharing her experiences and wisdom, she provides listeners with a roadmap for aligning personal values with faith, resulting in a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment.

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