How To Follow God & Not Your Feelings

27m | Aug 23, 2023

Welcome to this week's episode of RX for Purpose with Dr. Sharla. In this enlightening installment, Dr. Sharla delves into the important topic of following God rather than allowing our feelings to dictate our actions. Many people grapple with the challenge of making decisions based on their emotions, often succumbing to negative feelings like sadness, anger, or fear.

Dr. Sharla guides listeners through the process of slowing down and identifying their emotions. By recognizing these feelings, individuals can turn to God for guidance and direction. Throughout the episode, Dr. Sharla draws inspiration from the biblical story of Elijah, offering valuable insights into how his experience resonates with our own struggles and the compassion God has for us.

If you find yourself frequently overwhelmed by your emotions and unsure of how to navigate them, this episode is tailored to your needs. Dr. Sharla empowers you to embrace the discomfort of facing your emotions head-on, extending compassion and honesty to yourself throughout the process. This episode doesn't advocate for suppressing feelings but rather encourages transparency and self-awareness.

Tune in to this episode and allow Dr. Sharla to inspire you to take the time to evaluate your emotions and choose to follow God's guidance rather than being swayed solely by your feelings. By doing so, you'll gain valuable tools for making decisions aligned with your faith and purpose.

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