The Recovery Room: A Bible Study On Surrender, Purpose, and Rest

44m | Oct 25, 2023

Welcome to this special bonus episode of the Rx For Purpose Podcast with Dr. Sharla Walker. Join Dr. Sharla as she takes us on a deep dive into Matthew 11:28-30.

Dr. Sharla challenges each listener to reconsider their approach to life's difficulties. She emphasizes that true rest and recovery come when we surrender control to God, rather than trying to handle everything ourselves. This episode is a call to evaluate not just your actions, but your motivations. Are you driven by God's love or are you chasing personal glory and material blessings?

Throughout the episode, Dr. Sharla shares invaluable insights on the concept of "the call" in a Christian's life. She doesn't shy away from discussing how challenging and costly this can be. But the rewards? Immeasurable.

If you're struggling with life's challenges or simply need a spiritual reset, this episode is for you. Dr. Sharla encourages you to prioritize rest as a spiritual practice, seek guidance from the Holy Spirit, and turn to Jesus as your first point of contact when problems arise. She also provides practical tips on self-care during the recovery process, including offloading unnecessary activities and investing in preventative care.

Watch & Access Notes For The Recovery Room Lesson On Youtube: Feeling burnt out? Seeking self-care strategies that align with your faith? Welcome to "The Recovery Room," a transformative Bible study session focused on Matthew 11:28-30. This study is your spiritual toolkit for navigating life's challenges, empowering you to surrender control to God, understand your divine calling, and embrace spiritual rest as a form of self-care.

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