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Go Get Your Shine Box

Three wise guys randomly chatting about everything from guns to politics. Loads of sarcasm and emotional analysis. All while poking fun at this generation.


Go get your shine box! (rumble.com)



Hate Crime Hoax- ep 18
Show Details50min 45s
Go get your shine box- The Desantis Connection
Show Details47min 54s
Shine Box- MAGA "bad" while Dem cities burn (plus Bonus audio)
Show Details53min 36s
Shine Box ep 15- Bidens Mein Kampf dark star speech
Show Details42min 28s
Biden death star speech trailer
Show Details58s
Shine Box- Biden slanders half of America
Show Details37min 45s
Shine Box ep 13- The Zuckerberg FBI connection
Show Details32min 2s
Shine Box ep 12-Formula 1, is it going Electric?
Show Details51min 56s
Shine Box ep 11- Who are we?... and some other stuff
Show Details46min 11s
Shine Box ep10- Operation Mockingbird-Trump Raid
Show Details1hr 1min
Shine Box ep009-trump banned? Schlong Covid
Show Details45min 53s
Shine Box ep008- A time for choosing
Show Details32min 28s
Shine Box- International Push Back
Show Details51min 11s
Shine Box EP 006- Push Back
Show Details45min
Shine Box ep 005- Special 4th of July
Show Details13min 8s
Shine Box ep004- Supreme Court gun ruling
Show Details41min 24s
Shine Box 003
Show Details35min 41s
Shine Box ep 002- Uvalde
Show Details40min 47s
Shine Box EP 1- The boys are back in town
Show Details36min 41s
Go Get Your Shine Box- intro open chat
Show Details7min 8s