Go Bold with Joetey Attariwala

Welcome to Go Bold! This podcast is a voice for those that serve their nation and their communities - people that I like to think of as heroes!

I believe the best stories are those that are told by the ones that lived them, and that's exactly what you'll hear. Some stories are well known, some may be seldom heard - but one thing is for sure, there's no script here, just open freewheeling conversation.

On this podcast you'll hear from senior military leaders, fighter pilots, sub commanders, warship captains, soldiers, police officers, first responders and healthcare specialists from around the globe.

We'll learn about their careers and the amazing things they do - and we'll also seek out life lessons and leadership skills as we go.

You'll also hear discussions on current events in science and technology and innovation, and discussions on global affairs. One thing is for sure, you never know what you're gonna get, but rest assured it will always be interesting, insightful and fun!