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GLF Live

GLF Live is the official podcast of the Global Landscapes Forum, the world’s largest knowledge-based platform on sustainable landscapes. Featuring Q&As with the world’s leading experts and thought leaders on sustainability and climate change, GLF Live originally aired as an interactive digital series of live conversations, and select episodes have now been edited and made available as a podcast for your enjoyment. Focused on current events and popular culture, GLF Live informs and engages a global audience on the landscape and environmental impacts of what’s happening in the world today.


How our food can support women’s rights
Show Details52min 52s
Meet Asia’s young ocean guardians
Show Details49min 37s
Why you should read climate fiction
Show Details29min 36s
Climate crash course: What is net zero?
Show Details13min 53s
Climate crash course: Just how bad is climate change?
Show Details22min 22s
Climate crash course: Loss and damage
Show Details19min 52s
Climate crash course: How greenhouse gases work
Show Details22min 54s
A story of three young climate activists
Show Details1hr 1min
Climate justice for all
Show Details44min 53s
What does intersectionality have to do with the climate?
Show Details41min 26s
Inside the youth climate movement
Show Details47min 45s
Eco-anxiety: The next mental health crisis
Show Details36min 42s
Wild times: Saving our endangered species
Show Details32min 7s
How to talk about climate change in the digital age
Show Details30min 49s
Science versus fake news
Show Details54min 27s
Why Africa must reclaim its food sovereignty
Show Details56min 54s
Narratives. Power. Africa.
Show Details57min 29s
There’s no climate justice without racial justice
Show Details52min 54s
What’s next for women in science?
Show Details38min 48s
How are women restoring the Earth?
Show Details38min 51s
How biodiversity loss causes pandemics
Show Details45min 4s
What is the state of the world’s forests?
Show Details41min 8s
Isolated Amazon people are battling for survival
Show Details23min 46s
How to prevent the next pandemic
Show Details33min 49s
How the war in Ukraine is causing a food crisis
Show Details29min 43s