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The Struggle of Moving ft. itsNickster
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The Evolution of Game Monetization ft. itsNickster
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Be Our Guest ft. itsNickster
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Amazons Lord of the Rings MMO ft. itsNickster
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Top 3 Competitive Gaming Experiences ft. itsNickster
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Personal Excitements ft. itsNickster
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Introduction ft. Christo3
Show Details10min 34s
Are Twitch Bans Beneficial? (Dr. Disrespect Ban) ft. Christo3
Show Details15min 24s
Be Our Guest ft. Christo3
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G2A Paying Off Journalists ft. Christo3
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King Learns About Keanu ft Christo3
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Personal Excitements ft. Christo3
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Personal Excitements ft. IskurrLoL
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League of Legends New Balancing System ft. IskurrLoL
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Who is IskurrLoL?
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Arizona Heat, Baby Goats, and Bad Laptops ft IskurrLoL
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Personal Excitements ft Clefairys
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Memories: Virtual Boy, Hey You Pikachu, and Viva Pinata ft Clefairys
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Why Developers HATE G2A ft Clefairys
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Apex Legends Season 2 Is Here! ft Clefairys
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Who is Clefairys?
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Teamfight Tactics New Release ft Clefairys
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Breakfast, Diners, and Arizona ft. Clefairys
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Discord Nitro Server Boosts
Show Details8min 52s
Xxif and Ronaldo Fortnite Tournament Cheating Scandal
Show Details13min 35s
Microsoft Announcing 14 New Games at E3!
Show Details7min 22s
BaroTrauma, Apex Legends Events, and Google Stadia Pricing
Show Details15min 27s
Pringles and Whiskey
Show Details9min 33s