If You Give a Girl a Podcast

The inner thoughts and stories of a girl with a microphone.


We Gotta Stage 5 People Pleaser
Show Details20min 34s
Am I Part of the Problem?
Show Details18min 19s
Take Time To Smell The Roses and Watch Some Netflix
Show Details15min 14s
Comparing Myself and How I've Been Dealing
Show Details32min 28s
How I Met My Boyfriend and Living Together
Show Details27min 48s
Youtubing and My Consumer Report
Show Details28min 35s
My Daily Routine, Butts, and Being an ENFP
Show Details26min 10s
The Science of Loneliness
Show Details32min 5s
Being Furloughed and What's Next?
Show Details21min 41s
Budgets, Books, and How YOU can join in the fight against COVID-19
Show Details36min 37s
Love and Positivity in the Time of COVID-19
Show Details34min 47s
Post-Grad Stories, Fav Podcasts, and No New Friends
Show Details33min 32s