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Gising Na

Hello! Welcome to Gising Na! My digital journey on self-improvement.

Gising Na! (Wake Up in English) is a self-help podcast where I explore different avenues to better my overall well-being. Here I openly share my experiences and struggles in different areas of my life. I also talk to professionals ie. life coach, doctors, fitness instructors ect. to learn from them, and gain some insights on different topics. I also listen to stories of fellow seekers like myself that are in the same journey of self discovery. As I believe that we can all learn and grow from each other's experiences.


E8: Losing Parts Of Your Body
Show Details1hr 4min
E7: You Got This
Show Details43s
E6: Writing The Pain Away with $leepyHead
Show Details49min 27s
E5: Eye To Eye - How To Look After Your Eyes From An Ophthalmic Photographer
Show Details51min 3s
E4: Faith and Science During The Pandemic
Show Details50min 8s
E3: Morning Routine, Daily Habits, and How to Grow Your Money!
Show Details47min 42s
E2: Believe in Yourself - How to regain or boost your confidence
Show Details20min 2s
E1: Ways To Relax
Show Details15min 12s
E0: Introduction
Show Details6min 2s