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Girls with Goals

AnnCatherine and Caroline are 19 year old twins that live healthy, positive, and confident lifestyles all while inspiring you to do the same. Through sharing their own honest experiences as college students, living internationally, and their health/fitness knowledge as fitness trainers, they inspire all of us to overcome our personal struggles, live our best lives, and build the confidence we need to pursue all of our wildest passions. So...start listening every Monday and join this community of badass Girls with Goals!


What to Get Rid of to Live Your Best Life (Revisit)
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How to be Healthy but Human: Callie Jardine's journey with health, balance, and pilates
Show Details48min 20s
Why Do You Set Goals?
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Back to School Scaries
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How to Protect Your Peace
Show Details53min 52s
5 Reasons You Might be Bloated (other than food)
Show Details44min 17s
20 Things We Learned in 20 Years
Show Details42min 39s
So We Heard You're in a Slump... How to Move Through it and Get Motivated
Show Details33min 42s
How to Feel Healthy and Balanced on Vacation
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Goal Setting (Revisit)
Show Details42min 7s
Fuck Commitment Issues
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How to Get a Bikini Body (Body Confidence in the Summer)
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Simplify your mind and get rid of stress
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Cancer Survivor to Co-Founder: The Power of a Positive Mindset with Mike Yewdell
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What if the only person you had to impress was yourself?
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He's a 10 but.....
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How to Get Toned - fitness advice specific to you
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Elevate Your Life Using Manifestation | CAROLINA SALAZAR
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Why am I Lonely?
Show Details48min 29s
ELI RALLO: The Ultimate Guide to Health, Relationships, and Life
Show Details47min 39s
A collection of thoughts to motivate and inspire
Show Details18min 50s
How to Reach Your Health Goals This Summer
Show Details48min 28s
Guide to Building Your Routine
Show Details45min 36s
Managing the Extreme Highs and Lows of Life
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Motivation 101: What it is and how you build it
Show Details39min 8s
Why Your Body Image is Bad... and how to improve it
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Find Your Energy Givers and Energy Takers
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How to Deal with Life Going Wrong (strategies to overcome hard times)
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What really is a balanced life? [VIDEO]
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Season 2 Trailer [VIDEO]
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24. Gratitude + Stuck in Cambodia Storytime
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23. Easy Ways to Eat Healthier
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22. Core Memories
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21. You Don't Need to Change...
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20. What to Get Rid of to Live Your Best Life
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19. NATHAN TEVES: Building a Lifestyle That Drives Results
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18. Can You Out-Train Your Genetics??
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17. We Moved to Singapore - Life Updates
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16. How to Make 2022 YOUR Year
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New Years Resolutions (mini)
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So you wanna start journalling? (mini)
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Relationship Green Flags (mini)
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15. Body Image
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14. OLIVIA EVE: how to realistically be that girl
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13. The Power of Shifting Your Perspective
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12. CALYX HARMONY: College athletics, Fitness BS, and Life in Hawaii
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11. Taking Breaks to Avoid Burnout
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08. Being Independent
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07. SAVANNAH WRIGHT: Living balanced, Gymshark, Following your dreams
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06. Goal Setting
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05. Everything you need to know to start YOUR FITNESS JOURNEY
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04. Advice Session #1
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03. 10 steps to your healthiest, happiest life as a student
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02. Growing Pains
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01. Let us introduce ourselves... and the new era
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0. Trailer
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