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What's up SIS!

Welcome to Girl, We Got This with your sister, entrepreneur and host- Laticia Rolle. Laticia is sharing deep, relatable, intimate conversations with incredible women like you to learn and evolve from. Here you will learn the power of how to harness your story and how to step into your power. This is a safe space to put your walls down, get vulnerable and learn from extraordinary women.

Join us every Tuesday as we grow together and remind each other that we are not alone. Girl, We Got This!

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Come Home to Self with Victory Jones
Show Details1hr 9min
RESET your Vessel with Gabrielle Joyce
Show Details52min 26s
Season II: Welcome Back Sis!
Show Details28min 14s
Show Details58min 49s
Embracing Vanity with Therapist Susan Miner
Show Details1hr 3min
My Healing Journey
Show Details41min 49s
Girl, HE got US with Justin Davis
Show Details42min 8s
Show Details55min 49s
Darling, You are a Work of Art with Leah Monay
Show Details47min 24s
Get Uncomfortable with AYLIN SEVGILI
Show Details51min 22s
My Truths About My Miscarriage
Show Details46min 22s
Surviving Bosnian Genocide with Elmira Lilic
Show Details1hr 8min
How HE knew, SHE was the ONE
Show Details1hr 23min
Pregnant during COVID-19 with Chivonne Michelle
Show Details49min 39s
Free Lance Life Living with Vic Styles
Show Details56min 23s
Diversity, Unity, Inclusivity : UNITED SHADES
Show Details19min 52s
Show Details54min 19s
Show Details49min 27s
Meet my Matriarch, my Grandmother Nancy Drury
Show Details45min 22s is finally here!
Show Details11min 50s
Awaken with Spiritual Coach Yvonne Szefer
Show Details1hr 13min
Unraveling Toxic Relationships with Kelly Kristin
Show Details1hr 1min
Show Details12min 30s
Affirmations with Candice Nikeia
Show Details47min 34s
Meet your Internet Curl Friend, Amina Marie
Show Details35min 25s
A Prayer with Camille Robinson
Show Details11min 9s
Self Reflection with @BalancedLes
Show Details1hr 15min
Unfiltered with Londre founders Ainsley + Hannah
Show Details53min 49s
Show Details1hr 8min
Black Girl Sunscreen with Founder Shontay Lundy
Show Details58min 19s
Taste it, Hear it, Feel it with Yasmina Ksikes
Show Details1hr 17min
From Blonde, to Bald, to BOLD with Christie Valdiserri
Show Details55min 7s
Lady Suite Founder & CEO: Therese Clark
Show Details1hr 3min
Bridging the Gap with Mickey Guyton!
Show Details58min 30s
Self-Love Cocktail with Gabrielle Stone!
Show Details51min 19s
By Rosie Jane!
Show Details1hr 13min
Camille Robinson: A Light Behind the Lens
Show Details1hr 8min
Ready to Rumble with Dani Burrell!
Show Details59min 53s
Ladies Like Us: Nazanin Mandi & Nadia Moham
Show Details58min 45s
Love Is A Drug with Shan Boodram!
Show Details1hr 9min
Success Math with Awilda Rivera!
Show Details52min 48s
Making History with Erin Oprea!
Show Details55min 10s
The Boss in Heels: Heather Monahan
Show Details51min 4s
Why Smart Is Sexy! with Tiffany Sorya
Show Details42min 25s
Making Your Own Way with Ingrid S Clay!
Show Details1hr 5min
Make the World Your Runway with Liris Crosse!
Show Details58min 34s
The Art of Blending with Tamara Loehr!
Show Details1hr 5min
Breaking the Stereotype with Amanda LaCount!
Show Details53min 58s
Say My Name with Lisa Brenner!
Show Details45min 41s
Started From The Bottom Now We're HAIR!
Show Details51min 23s
Living Free with Jocelyn Cruz!
Show Details41min 37s
A Seat At The Table with Leia Sergakis!
Show Details52min 18s
Wellness Official with Millana Snow!
Show Details46min 2s
The Story of Tress!
Show Details27min 9s
THE Passionista: Erika De La Cruz!
Show Details48min 32s
Beauty Blogging Pixie - Sarah Lou Who!
Show Details1hr 3min
Embrace What Makes YOU, YOU with Bianca Renee!
Show Details48min 13s
Almost 30 And Loving It!
Show Details1hr 14min
Show Details1min 1s