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Girl Interrupter

Girl Interrupter (with a hard 'ER') is a comedy podcast... on acid. The show has been infrequently featured on Apple's Top 250 Charts, (mostly in urban countries that no one cares about). If you enjoy frequent interruptions, inchoateness, soundbite vomit, stand up comics, offensive hilarity, and unrequested mansplaining--look no further! It's not for everyone though.


The Covid Room ft. Melissa Weisman & Gunna the Stunna
Show Details14min 12s
The Ship Show
Show Details17min 46s
Publicity ft. Vanessa Gomez Pereyra
Show Details12min 5s
Mostly Dicks ft. Comics
Show Details13min 33s
Inventing Stuff ft. Lauren Reznik
Show Details10min 40s
The White Obama ft. Frankie Gonzalez
Show Details13min 26s
Chris Rocks
Show Details1min 11s
Show Details2min 45s
The Vagina Blog ft. Micah Rivera (from The S.U.C.A.S. Foundation)
Show Details11min 45s
Show Details3min 48s
Show Details5min 26s
Cat À La Carte ft. Sandy Guerrero & Raul Zambrano
Show Details11min 47s
Sets Worker
Show Details4min 1s
WWC Comedy ft. Chris Williams
Show Details11min 54s
Funny Girls ft. Maria Elena
Show Details10min 8s
Pimp My Homeless ft. Freddy G
Show Details11min 17s
Bits > Bullshit ft. Demetrius
Show Details16min 39s
Jim Pine the Sequel ft. Sarah RW
Show Details2min 2s
Fight Like a Girl Interrupter ft. Jim Pine
Show Details2min 45s
Jallapi ft. Phil Withers
Show Details14min 9s
The Bachelorette ft. Katelyn Attard
Show Details14min 54s
Brian from Bumble ft. Brian Vilona & Frankie Gonzalez
Show Details11min 39s
American Comedy Company: Open Mic Night
Show Details3min 19s
Magic ft. Eric Alper
Show Details17min 8s
Holiday Hecklers
Show Details1hr 28min
Bombing... Like A Terrorist
Show Details4min 52s
A Low Income Fairytale
Show Details5min 28s
Cuddle Cast! ft. Chris Moran & Phil Overbeck
Show Details11min 14s
Sets in the City
Show Details4min 58s
Show Details5min 30s
The Vacation Home ft. Patrick McCorgi, Tarikh, and RJ
Show Details11min 5s
On Tuesdays We Break Bongs ft. Trevor and Latoya
Show Details12min 10s
Show Details2min 36s
Scary Karens and Funny Spirits ft. Gabe Ramirez
Show Details14min 55s
Saturday Night Mic
Show Details7min 55s
Backstage: The Grand El Cajon ft. James Davis
Show Details12min 14s
The Up-Set List ft. Trevor & Bums
Show Details17min 15s
Backstage: Mad House Comedy Club ft. Josh Kreps
Show Details14min 11s
Show Details8min 4s
Backstage: American Comedy Company ft. Gordon Ramsay
Show Details14min 31s
This One Sounds like Shit ft. Matt Eisendrath
Show Details12min 4s
Driving in Cars with Comedian
Show Details12min 43s
Death is the Punchline ft. Princess Daddy
Show Details15min 9s
Thank you
Show Details22s
Land Hoes ft. Chrissy
Show Details10min 32s
Stand Up Comedy for Dummies ft. Benji Garcia
Show Details11min 35s
Grooming it Forward ft. Dennis
Show Details15min 3s
Dad Jokes... for People with Souls ft. Charles Dudley
Show Details16min 22s
Show Details6min 47s
Strategic Victimization ft. Kylie Troop
Show Details14min 25s
Show Details8min 52s
Time Management
Show Details5min 14s
Shayna's Midweek Meltdown
Show Details9min 6s
Decoxing ft. Chris Espinoza
Show Details16min 7s
Open Mic Night
Show Details5min 13s
Part II: Butt Plugs & Leprechauns ft. Dennis
Show Details19min 9s
Part I: Cauliflower Chicken ft. Dennis from Twitter
Show Details18min 23s
Props for Crocs ft. Charles Dudley
Show Details12min 29s
Show Details57s
The Goldstein Principle ft. Jew Rogan & Freddy G
Show Details15min 53s
Bill Burr
Show Details9min 44s
Open Cabinets, Open Mind ft. Francisco Ramos
Show Details15min 44s
Show Details10min 16s
Indigenous Bastards ft. Savage Genius
Show Details13min 28s
Daylight Savings Account ft. Savage Genius
Show Details15min 42s
Mentally Relaxed ft. Jack Moody
Show Details16min 5s
Borderline O.M.G. ft. Ryan
Show Details12min 3s
Sexy Epilepsy at the Roxbury ft. Ryan
Show Details14min 45s
Roaches of the Caribbean ft. Ryan
Show Details12min 52s
Sharon is a Cunt... In Bed ft. JJ Whitehead
Show Details25min 1s
Mansplaining with Orange the Orphan ft. Ryan
Show Details15min 8s
Uncancelable ft. Savage Genius
Show Details11min 58s
Blankey Trauma ft. James Camacho
Show Details13min 12s
Hang In There Fam ft. Dylan Palladino
Show Details16min 21s
The Office... Chair ft. Freddy G
Show Details12min 34s
The Viagra Cartel ft. Ryan
Show Details13min 19s
Batshit ft. Savage Genius
Show Details13min 36s
The Shitsons ft. Jack Moody & Josh
Show Details15min 6s
Frienemies and Cake Farts ft. Hinge
Show Details12min 58s
Nick... is not Natalie Portman ft. Nick Deez
Show Details11min 31s
Survivor Retail ft. Nick Deez
Show Details11min 38s
Season 2
Show Details1min 7s
Trigger Me Elmo ft. Ryan
Show Details12min 4s
A Christmas Karen ft. Ryan & David Michael Burke
Show Details13min 48s
Mouth Park ft. Ryan
Show Details12min
Peter Pan-Sexual ft. Vagina Bob & Alexandra
Show Details11min 49s
The Jungle Buffet ft. London
Show Details11min 37s
Loony Tube ft.London
Show Details12min 19s
The Game ft. Alexandra
Show Details12min 4s
Guilty Susan ft. London
Show Details12min 4s
Tinderella ft. Tinder
Show Details13min 14s
The Seven Fuck-Ups... On Ice ft. London
Show Details14min 25s
Cows on Playground ft. London
Show Details14min 12s
AOLOL ft. Savage Genius
Show Details18min 44s
Toilet Babies & Bath Salts ft. Internet Friend
Show Details16min 46s
Adulting ft. Israeli
Show Details15min 54s
Pastashi-No Fucks ft. London
Show Details14min 58s
The Cemetery ft. Ben
Show Details20min 19s
Road Killin' It ft. Savage Genius
Show Details17min 44s
Calm your Tits, Cubed ft. London
Show Details17min 19s
Carpenter Wars ft. Savage Genius
Show Details17min 2s
Savage Genius
Show Details17min 22s
Season 1
Show Details1min 7s