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Girl, Call Me!

Uplifting and Inspiring Black women is a passion of mine, The deep connection and sisterhood bond I share with my fellow women of color is sacred. Our sisterhood is an unspoken language we share through experiences as black women. Which inspired me to create a podcast called Girl, Call Me! A podcast where I discuss the experiences of black women through the lens of a millennial. We offer insight on the topics that matter to us; Relationships, Dating, Sex, Finance, Healing, Mental Health, and everything else! The Girl, Call Me! podcast is relatable and an open dialogue that challenges and encourages black women to stand in our truth and own it!

The Girl, Call Me! Podcast experience is a fun candid girl chat podcast. It's rooted in Black Girl Magic and Sisterhood. It would be my pleasure to share this platform with you, To encourage other women of color who share similar journeys.