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Ghosted Roasted and Toasted Podcast

Come along with us while we explore the most haunted (and some unknown) locations while sharing a specially made cocktail for the evening. We explore, investigate, and review hauntings while hopefully making you laugh along the way.


Halloween Live Episode
Show Details43min 17s
Types of Hauntings
Show Details41min 38s
Show Details1hr 10min
Portland, OR Tour
Show Details1hr 23min
Oujia Board Part 2
Show Details41min 4s
Ouija Board Origins
Show Details53min 11s
Idaho Falls - Tour and Sugar Mill
Show Details1hr 27min
Lava Hot Springs Inn
Show Details52min 51s
Myrtle's Plantation Part 2
Show Details53min 41s
Myrtle's Planation Part 1
Show Details1hr 7min
First Halloween Episode
Show Details1hr 55min
Massacre Rocks and Register Rock
Show Details1hr 9min
Stanley Hotel Part 2
Show Details55min 15s
Interview with Charlie Moss Creator of "What Happened At Braley Pond?" Podcast
Show Details45min 33s
Just Another Short Naked Guy - Listener Episode Part 1
Show Details40min 45s
Stanley Hotel - Part 1
Show Details39min 3s
Ghosted (Slight toasted) Bucket List 1.5
Show Details1hr 13min
Molly Brown and Haunted Denver Tour
Show Details51min 8s