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Getting There: An HCLUC Podcast

Welcome to Getting There, where we're always surviving, we’re sometimes thriving, and we’re just trying our best to make it. Produced by Loyola University Chicago's chapter of Her Campus, hear what our campus correspondents have to say about all things college lifestyle.


S2:E6 - Challenges of Therapy as a College Student
Show Details39min 10s
S2:E5 - Fighting Diet Culture
Show Details53min 56s
S2:E4 - Making Realistic Resolutions for 2021
Show Details39min 48s
S2:E3 - De-Stressing for Finals with One Direction
Show Details34min 47s
S2:E2 - Working Through Burnout and Academic Fatigue
Show Details33min 44s
S2:E1 - Voting as College Students
Show Details25min 26s
Getting There: Season 2 Trailer
Show Details3min 14s
S1:E9 - Girl, What are You Grateful For?
Show Details32min 48s
S1:E8 - A Conversation with Dr. Beth Knobel
Show Details41min
S1:E7 - Can Kindness Carry You?
Show Details38min 9s
S1:E6 - 15 Minutes Early or Late?
Show Details35min 53s
S1:E5 - Spiders, Spooks and Senior Year
Show Details37min 57s
S1:E4 - Older!!! Wiser
Show Details29min 3s
S1:E3 - Women On The Go...With Pepperspray
Show Details23min 26s