Getting Older With Rob and Joe

Getting Older With Rob and Joe is a podcast produced by two friends who like to complain. All jokes aside, we're just having fun so listen if you want to. Join us as we have some drinks and bitch about things.



EP31: Tongue Hair Waxing
Show Details1hr 33min
EP30: Mary Baker wants Joe's Undies
Show Details1hr 17min
EP:29 Rob's Mom's Schweaty Balls
Show Details1hr 10min
EP28: You Ain't Gonna Survive the Dinosaurs
Show Details1hr 16min
EP27: Father's Day Nipple Fingers
Show Details1hr 31min
EP26: Hiiiiii Danny!
Show Details1hr 4min
EP:25 Wearing One Big Happy Sock
Show Details1hr 20min
EP24: I want to shit my brains out!
Show Details1hr 34min
Show Details1hr 23min
EP:22 Cum Farts or Fart Cums
Show Details1hr 31min
EP21: Sea Stories Uncensored
Show Details2hr 16min
EP20.5: Dick pics to our moms
Show Details1hr 8min
Episdoe 19: Service Industry/Fuck a monkey?
Show Details1hr 1min
EP18: Joe. Loves. Adult. Diapers.
Show Details1hr 12min
EP17: Cancel Culture can FUCK OFF
Show Details48min 42s
EP16: Nipple Clicks/Drunk Sports/Falling Down
Show Details57min 4s
EP15: Hair Glue/Time in the Day/Hot dogs
Show Details1hr 4min
EP14: Shopping Blows
Show Details55min 49s
EP13: How'd I learn? Constipation, Investing as an adult
Show Details1hr 9min
Episode 12: Parties, Rhonda, Burning stuff
Show Details1hr 1min
EP11: COVID, Domino's, Adult Tantrums
Show Details40min 24s
EP:10 Back to childhood
Show Details54min 26s
EP09: Adult life is strange
Show Details53min 52s
New Years Episode
Show Details1hr 2min
EP08: Animals/Weird Guests/Scammers
Show Details56min 57s
EP07: Passed out Hardcore and pee stories(w/guest Dan)
Show Details54min 53s
Christmas Episode...Not EP07
Show Details50min 6s
EP06: If it's just poop, I'm in!!
Show Details39min 31s
EP05: Mix Tape Timeline
Show Details46min 21s
EP04: Bodily Excretions....Ewww
Show Details47min 35s
EP03: Drivers suck/People are rude/New home disasters
Show Details52min 4s
EP02: Arthritis Sucks/Fleas..fuck'em/Backyard Swamp
Show Details48min 49s
EP01: Smokers Suck....Would You Rather?
Show Details45min 46s