• Episode 4 at Bender Bar & Grill (July 12, 2009)

    This one started out as a good idea but yeah, that didn't last long. The guys at Bender kept feeding us shots and beers. We end up with about 8 drunk idiots trying to use 4 microphones and even get strangers to join us. We babble about so much stuff in this episode:

    • Jon disappeared for a week
    • Is sober podcasting possible?
    • How Jon ended up with a hole in his arm
    • Tubing trip
    • $25? HOLY SHIT!
    • Podcasting at Chili's or TGI Fridays next?
    • Iron Maiden or Judas Priest?
    • The Queers or Green Day?
    • Peacock Lounge closing
    • Puking at bars
    • Working at a jack shack (aka massage parlor)
    • Strip club karma
    • From busboy to busMAN

    Then we're too drunk to record anymore so we decide to jump a fence to go swimming somewhere. Good luck making it through the horrible editing in this one.

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    45m | May 6, 2021
  • Episode 3 at The Liberty (July 3, 2009)

    Oh man this is a rough one. We're at The Liberty on East 6th Street (in Austin of course) on their opening weekend. Me, Bobby, Jerms, Bobby X, Cameron and his mustache, Bennie and Jared all have deep meaningful discussions about:

    • Mustaches
    • Malt liquor and high school
    • Night swimming
    • Super powers
    • First concerts
    • Cocaine bars in Austin
    • 101X radio

    Then it all deteriorates into a drunken puddle of shots and Lone Star beer. You're welcome.

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    38m | Apr 30, 2021
  • Episode 2 at Shangri-La (June ?, 2009)

    This one brought back memories. This was back when the east side had maybe 4 bars, a dozen taco trucks that rocked your taste buds and absolutely zero bougie hotels or yuppie apartment buildings. Random crap we ramble on about:

    • People we pissed off since the last episode
    • Bobby made a ham
    • ROT Rally
    • Streaking/naked swimming/manscaping
    • KnuckleTattoos.com
    • Who would win in a fight?
    • Dogs at bars
    • Old Goths
    • Sex with dinosaurs
    • Taking a dump at a bar

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    50m | Apr 23, 2021
  • Episode 1 at Red 7 (June ?, 2009)

    This whole mess started way back in 2009. We had no idea how to record but we knew how to drink and hang out. In our debut episode I forgot to turn my mic on until :57, and we talk about all the cool stuff we get in to around Austin Texas. It's a long one so I hope you're bored.

    If you enjoy this little trip down memory lane that shows how dumb we were 12 years ago, find that donate button and buy us a round of drinks because we're bringing the show back in 20201!

    Topics we babble on about:

    • Red 7
    • Beerland chicken wire shows
    • Fixed gear bike riders
    • Barton Springs
    • Austin summers
    • A surprise crush shows up
    • Dick the Duke of Austin joins us

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    1h 1m | Apr 20, 2021
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