Get To Know

Each episode a guest with a story worth telling will join me to discuss their journey and recent work. With a wide range of guests from musicians and business owners to content creators and more, this show will lead you to laugh out loud at times but will also inspire you when you hear of the accomplishments that the guests have experienced.


014 - Get To Know Ali Milani
Show Details1hr 26min
013 - Get To Know Vital Powers
Show Details1hr 22min
012 - Get To Know Yannie Makarounas
Show Details58min 38s
011 - Get To Know Meduulla
Show Details1hr 3min
010 - Get To Know Kayode Damali
Show Details1hr 14min
009 - Get To Know Conah Walker
Show Details55min 38s
008 - Get To Know Dualeh Oke
Show Details1hr 20min
007 - Get To Know Shaun Davis
Show Details55min 1s
006 - Get To Know Jim Haughey (Part 2)
Show Details1hr 29min
005 - Get To Know Jim Haughey (Part 1)
Show Details59min 46s
004 - Get To Know Zoli ICE JEWLZ
Show Details54min 53s
003 - Get To Know Bowdz
Show Details1hr 10min
002 - Get To Know Lauren Shaleeca
Show Details52min 26s
001 - Get To Know Iman Lake & Azeez Bello
Show Details59min 51s
Show Details1min 20s