Post-Masculinity Detox | Bryn Daylor

55m | Jun 2, 2022

She's back and we are talking all the juicy details of her 90-day Masculinity Detox. As always, my favorite guest of the show, Bryn Daylor shows up with magical authenticity. Showing what it's like to show up with ALL part of ourselves present, Bryn shares how to start consciousy dating again.

Today, we explore:

-The “Why” Behind the Detox

-Dating as an Addiction

-What is Embodiment

-Reparenting and Codependent Tendencies 

-“I Met Someone”

-Partners as Mirrors 

-Knowing Your Non-negotiables

-The Fully Embodied Woman

Where can you up-level your connection to self and others? Until next week, xo!

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