• Staring Fear In The Face | Whitney Miller

    Whitney Miller is on the mic today bringing absolute heat. We dive into the topic of fear today, and how that's actually been Whitney's "guiding star." She shares how she's learned to lean into fear and what lessons she's learned by doing so.

    Today, we explore:

    - July 6, 2016

    - Launching Her Music Career

    - Leaning Into Fear

    - Best Feeling In The World

    - Song Writing and Leaning Into The Feminine 

    - Getting In Your Own Way

    - People Responding to my Heart

    Where can you lean into fear this week? Xo!

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    Linds x LMNT

    46m | Mar 23, 2023
  • Getting The Love You Want | Nick Solaczek

    Getting the love you want IS possible... it just takes some work. Today, Nick Solaczek and I chat all about it! From identifying unconscious relationship beliefs, to asking for your needs to be met in relationship, and getting your partner to join you in "the work," Nick and I cover a lot of bases in today's episode!

    Today, we explore:

    - Unconscious Attraction to The Shadow

    - Intimacy is a Trauma Trigger 

    - AFGO: Another Fucking Growth Opportunity 

    - Energetic Leaks & Exits: Infidelity

    - Finding Individuality in Partnership 

    - Becoming an Ally in Your Partner’s Healing

    Here's to finding the love you want! Until next week, enjoy the show! Xo!

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    Linds x LMNT

    53m | Mar 16, 2023
  • The Book of Boundaries | Melissa Urban

    It couldn't get more simple than that! The book of boundaries is OUT NOW, and author, Whole30 co-founder, and one of my biggest inspirations, Melissa Urban, is on the show today! We're talking boundaries, obviously--but this conversation is SO much more than that. If you've found yourself on the people-pleasing roller coaster and are ready to get off the ride, this one is for you. If you have a hard time when someone sets a boundary with you, today's show helps shift that outlook.

    Today, we explore:

    - Boundaries & The Whole30

    - Yes and No Boundaries 

    - Freedom in Boundaries 

    - “Clear is Kind”

    - Boundary Setting Post-Rehab

    - Discomfort of Boundary Setting

    - Scripts for Setting Boundaries

    Keep being the kind, clear, courageous YOU! Xo!

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    44m | Oct 20, 2022
  • Trust Your Training | Lauren Fisher, CrossFit Games Athlete

    CrossFit Games athlete, entrepreneur, and lady-boss, Lauren Fisher is on the show today! Though we dive into fitness quite a bit, the same lessons can be carried over to life. Where can you trust your training? How do you set yourself up for failure or success? Whats your mindset like? We go into it all today, and I can't wait for you to listen.

    Today, we explore:

    Moving to Iceland 

    The 2022 CrossFit Season

    Communication in Team Competition

    Overcoming Conflict 

    Mental Performance Coaching

    Detox Challenge

    Where can you learn to trust your training? Xo!

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    43m | Jul 21, 2022
  • Walking WITH The Ego | Nick Denbeigh

    Ex-professional football player, actor, and model, Nick Denbeigh, joins us today to talk all about identity. Talk about a lifetime of experience, Nick shares vulnerably about his walk with ego and how he's ultimately found Self. I am beyond grateful to have shared a mic with Nick and know you're going to love today's show.

    Today, we explore:

    - What Happens After We Die?

    - Adapting & Developing a Champion Mindset

    - Nobody Can Take Your Mind From You

    - Discovering Self vs Characters For An Actor

    - Gaining Awareness of Self

    - What is Trust and Truth

    - Detaching From Ego

    Where are you just one step away from self? Can you step into that? Xo!

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    45m | Jun 30, 2022
  • No Time For Bullsh*t | MDV

    He's back, y'all. MDV shares his life experiences of training through injuries, new perspectives, mantras, and a no bullshit outlook on life. If you're looking for some woo self-help episode, this ain't it. But if you're ready to take personal responsibility and make real change in your life, we've got you covered.

    Today, we explore:

    - Impact of Physical Health on Mental Health

    - How Injury Impacts Identity

    - Mindset and Motivation 

    - The “No Bullshit” Method

    - Dirty Secret of the Fitness Space 

    - Pulling Yourself out of Comparison 

    - Facing Mortality

    Until next week, enjoy the show! Xo!

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    46m | Jun 23, 2022
  • Everything You Need To Know About Attachment | Meredith Berger, LMFT

    How trendy is it to talk about attachment, toxicity, and boundaries... answer, daily double, SO TRENDY. Friend, fellow therapist, and explorer of the human experience, Meredith Berger, joins me today to get up close and personal with these topics and tell it how it is!

    Today, we dive into:

    - Attachment Theory & Trauma

    - Conflict Does Not Equal Toxicity

    - Attachment Styles in Differing Relationships

    - Taking Responsibility vs. Victim Shaming

    - Fault Doesn’t Matter

    - HEARTS Model

    - Holding Your Partner’s Vulnerability

    We've been planning this show for years, and it was SO worth the wait! Enjoy!

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    55m | Jun 16, 2022
  • Conscious Kink & Communicating Desire | Alexa Bowditch

    Y'all, THAT SEX CHICK, Alexa Bowditch, is joining me on the show today! Alexa's podcast has done wonders for my own personal and sexual development, so I was beyond excited to get her on the show!

    Today, we explore:

    - Sexual Development as Personal Development

    - Sex & Love Co.

    - Intro to Kink

    - Discussing Desire with Your Partner

    - Resentment is Envy

    - Want, Will, Won’t 

    - Erotic Blueprints

    Grab a notepad, because you're going to learn today! Xo!

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    49m | Jun 9, 2022
  • Post-Masculinity Detox | Bryn Daylor

    She's back and we are talking all the juicy details of her 90-day Masculinity Detox. As always, my favorite guest of the show, Bryn Daylor shows up with magical authenticity. Showing what it's like to show up with ALL part of ourselves present, Bryn shares how to start consciousy dating again.

    Today, we explore:

    -The “Why” Behind the Detox

    -Dating as an Addiction

    -What is Embodiment

    -Reparenting and Codependent Tendencies 

    -“I Met Someone”

    -Partners as Mirrors 

    -Knowing Your Non-negotiables

    -The Fully Embodied Woman

    Where can you up-level your connection to self and others? Until next week, xo!

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    Fully Embodied Woman Retreat

    55m | Jun 2, 2022
  • Silence & Surrender | Casey Ryan

    Friend and incredible musician, Casey Ryan, recently went on a week long darkness retreat... naturally, I needed to know everything about it! Casey shares what the retreat entailed and the profound effects the experience has had on his life sense. 

    Today, we explore:

    - Darkness Retreat

    - Honoring Your Edge

    - Difference Between Intention & Expectation

    - Terrifying Visions

    - Changing Self-Perception

    - Integrating the Shadow

    How would you spend a week in silence, in the dark, with your thoughts? Can you do it for 15 minutes? Xo!

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    55m | May 26, 2022
  • I Forgot To Die | Khalil Rafati

    Ultimate dream guest, Khalil Rafati is on the show today. I've been hooked on Khalil's work, story, and mission since reading his book, I Forgot to Die, back in 2015. From homeless on the streets to founder of SunLife organics, Khalil is a true aspiration and shares all of the trials and tribulations that got him where he is today.

    Today, we explore:

    - No is the most powerful word we have

    - From the Streets to SunLife Organics

    - Reality of Multiple Truths 

    - Childhood Trauma

    - Dropping the Story

    - God is a Woman

    - Convictions are Dangerous

    Be sure to get out there and do something awesome today; you're worth it!

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    1h 8m | May 19, 2022
  • Stop Doing, Start Living | Emily Schromm

    My favorite Meathead Hippie is joining Get Psyched today! Emily and I are chatting everything embodiment today, and Emily shares how she practices this in her own life. A true seeker, Emily shares vulnerably her quest to find her truest self.

    Today, we explore:

    - Meathead Hippie 

    - Search for Home

    - Life as a Metaphor & Mirror

    - Feel to Know

    - Childhood Wonder and Creativity

    - Restructuring Our Relationship with Power

    How are you going to stop "doing" and start living? Xo!

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    Platform Daily online

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    45m | May 12, 2022
  • How To Disagree With Dignity | Sara Russell

    Our FAVORITE relationship anarchist, revolutionary witch, and abolitionist feminist, Sara Russell is BACK! This week we talk all about how to disagree, communicate effectively, and harvest trust (in ourselves and others). Sara gives practical tools and examples of how we can invite change into our lives daily and consciously!

    Today, we explore:

    Disagreeing with Dignity

    Cooperative Communication

    Validating is not Condoning

    My Truth, Your Truth, The Truth

    Intention vs Impact 

    Apologizing is NOT Admitting Guilt 

    How to Take Space From Your Partner

    Cultivating Trust in Relationships

    I love every conversation I have with Sara and hope you leave feeling as inspired as I did! Xo!

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    55m | May 5, 2022
  • Soul Surgery & Skills For Change | David Stockhausen

    Y'all know how much I love talking about finding your Truth, and David shows us how to do that and MORE on today's show. A skills for change practictioner, men's coach, and relationship mediator, David brings so much experience and Self to today's conversation. We explore:

    - Critical Stance on Psychedelics 

    - The Crucial Step of Integration

    - Reality of Multiple Truths 

    - Ownership of Our Choices 

    - The “Me Too” Movement & Masculinity

    - Cooperative Communication 

    - Facts, Feelings, and Stories

    Let's keep questioning our narratives and showing up in the world as our true SELF! Xo!

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    47m | Apr 21, 2022
  • Desire Needs Mystery & Polyamory | Jessica Esfandiary

    Let's talk about polyamory. This topic is always hot, always steamy, and always a little controversial. So, I couldn't be more excited to bring it to you with the wonderful Jessica Esfandiary. Speaking from her own experience and a decade of learning, Jessica shares openly and honestly about her sex and love life. 

    Today, we dive into:

    - From “Good Girl” to “Playing the Field”

    - Actively Choosing Your Partner

    - Creating Couple Goals

    - Threesome Peak Experiences 

    - Collaboration vs Competition

    - Starting the Conversation of Opening Up

    Here's to Open (no pun intented) commuication, endless love, and on-going learning! Xo!

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    Linds x LMNT

    52m | Apr 14, 2022
  • Conscious Parenting & The Great Unlearn | Cal Callahan

    Let me just start by saying that by the time I'm a parent, I can only HOPE to be like Cal. Cal leads with curiosity, apologizes when he needs to, and has meaningful conversations. We talk all about conscious parenting, friend groups, and how to find your true Self. This episode was pure magic, and I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for the Great Unlearn!

    Today, we explore:

    - Cal’s Great Unlearn

    - The Power of Experience

    - Cause vs. Symptom

    - Parenting & Autonomy

    - Kids as Our Greatest Teachers

    - Triggers & Self-Exploration

    - Stripping the Story

    What are you ready to Unlearn? Enjoy the show! Xo!

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    Linds x LMNT

    52m | Apr 7, 2022
  • Ketamine, MDMA, Psilocybin, & Wild Health | Dr. Kristin Dawson

    Y'all KNOW how much I love talking research & psychedelics! Kristin Dawson, Director of Mental Health over at Wild Health does just that for us today! Lemme just tell you, Wild Health is changing the game when it comes to healthcare!

    Today, we explore:

    What Is Wild Health

    Ketamine and Chronic Depression

    Biomarkers for Mental Health Diagnoses 

    Preventative Care & Optimizing Health

    Mood Enhancing Property of Ketamine

    Psilocybin and Treatment Resistant Depression 

    Serotonergic Psychedelics

    Default Mode Network

    MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy

    I can't wait to hear back on their Ketamine research! Check out below for ways to get involved!

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    Wild Health's Ketamine Trials

    Linds x LMNT

    53m | Mar 31, 2022
  • You Are Not Your Thoughts | Erin Monson

    Ah, I was so excited to talk to Erin today about her healing jouney, what she's learned along the way, and how that learning can help others! Erin is an absolute ray of sunshine and I can't wait to see what her gifts bring to the world.

    Today, we explore:

    - Observer of Thoughts 

    - Mindfulness and Meditation

    - Replacing Judgement with Curiosity

    - Permission to be Angry

    - Emotions are not Behaviors 

    - Losing & Regaining Trust in the Body 

    - Leaning Into Discomfort

    - Set, Setting, and Psychedelics

    Erin is an absolute goddess, and I can't wait for you to listen to this one! Xo!

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    52m | Mar 24, 2022
  • Desire Discrepancy & Uncovering The Sexual Self | Solo Psyched: Lindsey Locke

    You asked, so here it is, a SOLO show on desire discrepancy. Given that this is a topic many (if not all) partnerships face, I thought it best to share some tips, tricks, and practices to help reignite the spark in your bedroom!

    Today, we explore:

    - Normalizing Desire Discrepancy

    - Brakes and Accelerators

    - How to Have More Sex

    - Journal Promp for Sexual Self Discovery

    More SOLO Psyched episodes to come, and I want to hear from YOU! Be sure to enter your topics on my Instagram AMAs! Xo!

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    Linds x LMNT

    13m | Mar 17, 2022
  • Sober Curious | Amanda Kuda

    I was swerving outta my lane before Amanda agreed to come on the show! Today we are talking all things elective sobriety. Amanda was one of the first to pioneer a path of elective sobriety and is on a mission to share her message. Stomping out stigma, shame, or the story that there needs to be a "problem" in order to get sober, Amanda provides tangible tools for anybody that is sober curious!

    Today, we dive into:

    - Elective Sobriety

    - Impostor at AA

    - 1 month, 3 months, 1 Year of Sobriety

    - Drinking to Avoid

    - Drinking to Achieve

    - Sober Dating 

    - Anxiety of Communicating Sobriety 

    - The Energetic Level of Alcohol

    - Up-Leveling Your Self-Worth 

    - Unbottled Potential

    I think a sober month is in order for me. Who wouldn't want to level up? Xo!

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    Linds x LMNT

    43m | Mar 10, 2022
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