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Brian Gryn is a personal trainer, golfer, internet entrepreneur, author, and health coach with a passion for helping others reach their optimal potential.


Episode 179 - Interview with Dr. Don Layman: Importance of Amino Acids, Not All Protein is Equal and Role of Protein in Losing Weight!
Show Details56min 12s
Episode 178 - Self Experimentation Time!
Show Details8min 11s
Episode 177 - Interview with James Arthur Smith: Sustainably Farmed Sushi Grade Seafood!
Show Details36min 35s
Episode 176 - Rules When Restocking Your Pantry
Show Details12min 13s
Episode 175 - Interview with Avi Greenberg: Using Breath to Relieve Stress, Expanding Your Comfort Zone, and the Power of Cold Submersion!
Show Details59min 19s
Episode 174 - Does Coffee Break a Fast?!
Show Details9min 1s
Episode 173 - Interview with Dr. Gary Fettke: Model of Modern Disease, Eating Seasonally and Basics of Weight Loss!
Show Details1hr 5min
Episode 172 - Should you Nap?
Show Details6min 59s
Episode 171 - Interview with Dr. Gary Shlifer: Acute Stressors to help your Mental Health, Ancestral Eating and What is Wrong with our Healthcare System!
Show Details58min 31s
Episode 170 - Add These Foods To Your Diet
Show Details11min 12s
Episode 169 - Interview with Menno Henselmans: Overcoming Comfort Eating, Carbs for Muscle Growth and Eating around Your Workout!
Show Details54min 30s
Episode 168 - Calorie Restriction vs. Intermittent Fasting - New Study!
Show Details7min 41s
Episode 167 - Interview with Dr. Bill Campbell: Fat Loss, Optimal Protein and Maximize Muscle Gain!
Show Details51min 2s
Episode 166 - How To Stay on Track (or NOT?)
Show Details10min 13s
Episode 165 - Interview with Dr. Tommy Wood: Optimizing Brain Health, Muscle's Role in Brain Function and Preventing Cognitive Decline As You Age!
Show Details48min 49s
Episode 164 - The Importance of Optimal Hydration!
Show Details8min 33s
Episode 163 - Interview with Tracy Pleschourt: Overcoming Overeating, Mastering Metabolic Health and Solving Mind Math!
Show Details41min 26s
Episode 162 - How to Control Hunger
Show Details14min 28s
Episode 161 - Interview with Erik Abramowitz: The Truth about the Supplement Industry, Mastering Your Morning, and Tips around Sleep!
Show Details58min 50s
Episode 160 - My Weekly Fitness Routine
Show Details16min 6s
Episode 159 - Interview with Sara Banta: Immune Support with Scalar Silver, Accelerated Keto and Heavy Metal Detox
Show Details42min 43s
Episode 158 - What is your reason WHY?
Show Details8min 58s
Episode 157 - Interview with Ari Tulla: Personalized Supplements, Smart Nutrition and Importance of Sleep!
Show Details36min 53s
Episode 156 - Do this to Increase Happiness!
Show Details13min 46s
Episode 155 - Interview with Matt Terry: Importance of Fat and Testosterone, Building Muscle and How to Use Fasting as a Tool!
Show Details51min 37s
Episode 154 - Which Protein is Optimal to Build Muscle?
Show Details6min 49s
Episode 153 - Interview with Eugen Loki: Losing Stubborn Body Fat, Body Weight Set Point and Building Muscle!
Show Details1hr 4min
Episode 152 - Getting Started with Intermittent Fasting
Show Details15min 32s
Episode 151 - Interview with Dr. Bret Scher: Advantages of Low Carb, Optimal Protein to Eat, and Ways to Prevent Heart Disease!
Show Details45min 59s
Episode 150 - Interview with Allison Jackson: Mindful Eating, Importance of Protein, Role of Recovery
Show Details24min 52s
Episode 149 - Interview with Dr. Dominic D'Agostino: Exogenous Ketones, Advantages of Ketosis and Becoming a Fat Burning Machine!
Show Details51min 44s
Episode 148 - Important Heart Disease Blood Tests!
Show Details13min 13s
Episode 147 - Interview with Lunden Souza: Positive Mindset, Overcoming Excuses and Daily Energy Boosters!
Show Details50min 8s
Episode 146 - Exercise and Fasting
Show Details8min 44s
Episode 145 - Interview with Doc Parsley: Prioritizing Sleep to Optimize Hormones, Sleep & Aging and Becoming Resilient!
Show Details1hr 7min
Episode 144 - Are You Drinking Enough Quality Water?
Show Details11min 38s
Episode 143 - Interview with Melanie Avalon: Biohacks for Life, Organic Wine, MCT Oils and How to Eat as Much as you Like!
Show Details1hr 8min
Episode 142 - What's the Difference Between Keto and Paleo?
Show Details12min 54s
Episode 141 - Interview with Dr. Anthony Gustin: Regenerative Agriculture, Rancid Seed Oils and Hadza Tribes
Show Details55min 39s
Episode 140 - Product Spotlight: Bala Enzyme - Triple-enzyme electrolyte and anti-inflammatory sugar-free energy drink!
Show Details19min 18s
Episode 139 - Interview with Dr. Richard Johnson: Our Survival Switch, Fructose Role in Weight Gain, Are Artificial Sweeteners Safe?
Show Details57min 48s
Episode 138 - Are you Wrecking Your Metabolism?
Show Details9min 23s
Episode 137 - Interview with Dr. Grant Tinsley: Meal Timing, Body Composition and Pre-workout Supplements
Show Details58min 56s
Episode 136 - Items to Purge for Optimal Health!
Show Details13min 23s
Episode 135 - Interview with Dr. Robert Lustig: Is Sugar Killing You, Fibers Role in the Diet and Over Prescribed Statins
Show Details54min 3s
Episode 134 - Intermittent Fasting Story: Noah Seiden
Show Details20min 41s
Episode 133 - Interview with Dr. William Davis: Wheat Belly, Super Gut and Healing Yourself Through Diet!
Show Details57min 11s
Episode 132 - What NOT to Eat
Show Details14min 5s
Episode 131 - Interview with Dr. Jason Fung: Calorie Restriction vs. Fasting, Hormonal Benefits of Fasting and Reversing Type II Diabetes
Show Details56min 21s
Episode 130 - Eat This to Avoid Inflammation
Show Details10min 41s
Episode 129 - Interview with Dr. Greg Dennis: What's wrong with Healthcare, Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Best Health Makers to Track!
Show Details40min 34s
Episode 128 - Best of My 2021 Micro Podcasts
Show Details47min 31s
Episode 127 - Re-Broadcast Interview of William Shewfelt: Mindset, PE Diet, Fasting and more!
Show Details58min 56s
Episode 126 - Should you Eat Fruit?!?
Show Details8min 45s
Episode 125 - Interview with Colin Stuckert: Keys to Productivity, Overcoming Excuses and His Top Supplements to Take!
Show Details49min 30s
Episode 124 - Why I Decided to Start Eating Meat
Show Details18min 44s
Episode 123 - Interview with Tim James: Importance of Restructured Water, Colon Hydrotherapy and Plant Based Healing
Show Details53min 35s
Episode 122 - Are you Getting Enough Sun?
Show Details12min 22s
Episode 121 - Interview with Dr. Ben Bikman: The Importance of Controlling Insulin for Fat Loss, How to Break a Fast, and Stop Eating Chicken!!
Show Details56min 59s
Episode 120 - Is Cholesterol Good or Bad?
Show Details13min 39s
Episode 119 - Interview with Barton Scott: Overcoming Brain Fog, Hair Mineral Testing and Importance of Salt
Show Details47min 25s
Episode 118 - How to Increase Testosterone!
Show Details13min 27s
Episode 117 - Interview with Ben Azadi: Losing 80lbs, Becoming Keto Adapted, and Fasting Mistakes
Show Details46min 8s
Episode 116 - Can Strength Training Reverse Aging?
Show Details9min 53s
Episode 115 - Interview with Jake Steiner: Improve Your Eyesight, and the Pitfalls of Relying on Glasses!
Show Details45min 35s
Episode 114 - Fat Burner Blueprint
Show Details17min 53s
Episode 113 - Interview with Brad Kearns: New Workout Trends, Fat Loss Strategies and Nutrient Dense Foods!
Show Details1hr 6min
Episode 112 - What Foods To Focus On?
Show Details20min 51s
Episode 111 - Interview with Gin Stephens: Gut Health, Hybrid Fasting Approach and Crowding Out Bad Foods!
Show Details50min 26s
Episode 110 - REM Sleep: What It Is and Why You Need It!
Show Details10min 40s
Episode 109 - Interview with Dr. Craig Marker: High Intensity Repeat Training, The One Minute Workout, and Intervals for Fat Loss!
Show Details51min 58s
Episode 108 - Could Your Workouts Be Doing More Harm Than Good?
Show Details12min 11s
Episode 107 - Interview with Dr. Ted Naiman: Satiety per Calorie, Protein to Energy Ratio and Is Obesity Contagious?
Show Details49min 28s
Episode 106 - Could Eating Earlier Be Beneficial?
Show Details9min 31s
Episode 105 - Interview with Dr. Bill Schindler: Are Almonds and Dairy Healthy, Eating Seasonally and Cornerstones of a Healthy Diet!
Show Details57min 25s
Episode 104 - Cold Exposure for Fat Loss?
Show Details7min 15s
Episode 103 - Interview with Elle Russ: Fix Your Thyroid, Optimize Your Sleep, Overcome Food Addiction
Show Details59min 48s
Episode 102 - How alcohol affects your appetite, fat loss goals, and athletic performance!
Show Details7min 57s
Episode 101 - Get Lean Eat Clean 100th Episode Anniversary, Part 2
Show Details44min 27s
Episode 100 - Get Lean Eat Clean 100th Episode Anniversary, Part 1
Show Details44min 56s
Episode 99 - How long does it take to regain lost strength and muscles?
Show Details6min 30s
Episode 98 - Interview with Robert Sikes: Keto Bricks, Do We Need Carbs and How to Get Fat Adapted!
Show Details46min 42s
Episode 97 - Void These Items from Your Kitchen
Show Details9min 29s
Episode 96 - Interview with Mary Ruddick: Ancestral Health, Cold Therapy and GAPS Diet for Healing
Show Details45min 5s
Episode 95 - Eliminate This One Thing!
Show Details9min 11s
Episode 94 - Interview with Dr. Brad Campbell: Adrenal Fatigue, Gut Health and Ways to Build Your Immune System
Show Details48min 1s
Episode 93 - My Bedtime Routine
Show Details11min 48s
Episode 92 - Interview with Wade Lightheart: Gut-Brain Connection, Importance of Fiber and Staying Fit into your 50's
Show Details53min 8s
Episode 91 - How to Start Intermittent Fasting
Show Details12min 47s
Episode 90 - Interview with James Barry: A Clever Way to Eat Organs
Show Details53min 6s
Episode 89 - My Favorite Way to Get More Energy!
Show Details8min 32s
Episode 88 - Interview with Rachel Gregory: Fasting, Keto Diet, Metabolic Flexibility and Hypertrophy Training
Show Details53min 34s
Episode 87 - Benefits of Sprinting!
Show Details9min 15s
Episode 86 - Interview with Dr. Stephen Hussey: Toxins to Avoid, Importance of Cholesterol, and Which Health Markers to Look For!
Show Details59min 10s
Episode 85 - 5 Characteristics to Live an Optimal Life
Show Details9min 40s
Episode 84 - Interview with Brent Brookbush: Assessing Better Movement, Should you stretch hamstrings, Importance of Glute Activation
Show Details57min 20s
Episode 83 - 5 Tips For Intermittent Fasting
Show Details14min 39s
Episode 82 - Interview with Rita Spevak: Health Journey into Fasting, Alternate Day Fasting and Intuitive Eating
Show Details44min 7s
Episode 81 - Ideal Fat Burning Workout Regimen
Show Details11min 49s
Episode 80 - Interview with Eugen Loki: Body Fat Set Point, How Hormones Control Our Metabolism and High Protein Diets
Show Details1hr 2min
Episode 79 - How Important is Your Grip Strength?
Show Details5min 37s
Episode 78 - Interview with Robb Wolf: Gut Issues, Important Lab Tests and Ways to Increase Testosterone
Show Details1hr 10min
Episode 77 - How Many Carbs Should You Eat?
Show Details9min 13s
Episode 76 - Interview with Dr. Jaquish: What is Variable Resistance, X3 vs. Weights and Dry Fasting Protocol
Show Details57min 24s
Episode 75 - This Hormone will Regulate Your Body Fat!
Show Details7min 50s
Episode 74 - Interview with Colin Stuckert: Importance of Protein, Is Chicken Healthy, and Truth about the Supplement Industry
Show Details53min 30s
Episode 73 - Is Stress Causing Weight Gain?
Show Details7min 57s
Episode 72 - Client Spotlight - Mindi Zissman: How a Busy Entrepreneur with 5 Kids Made Intermittent Fasting a Lifestyle Change!
Show Details35min 24s
Episode 71 - 6 Ways to Slow Down Aging!
Show Details8min 36s
Episode 70 - Interview with Molly Devine: Clean Keto Lifestyle, Keto and Gut Health and Common Keto Mistakes
Show Details48min 35s
Episode 69 - Can Fasting Improve your Gut?
Show Details7min
Episode 68 - Interview with Connie Nightingale: Importance of not overtraining, Tips to get more protein, and Best way to get fat-adapted
Show Details48min 51s
Episode 67 - My Evening and Morning Routine!
Show Details13min 5s
Episode 66 - Interview with Kate Cretsinger: The Ultimate Elimination Diet, How Carnivore Saved Her Daughter and Her Race Across America
Show Details49min 9s
Episode 65 - Tips for Optimal Coffee Use!
Show Details7min 50s
Episode 64 - Interview with Danny Vega: Danny's Favorite Health Rule, Mindful Eating and Importance of Mobility
Show Details58min 24s
Episode 63 - Are Grains Worth Eating?
Show Details7min
Episode 62 - Interview with Alexa Schirm: Importance of Mindset when Losing Weight, Circadian Fasting and Energy Flow to Avoid Cravings
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 61 - Is There a Best Time to Fast?
Show Details12min 13s
Episode 60 - Interview with Brad Kearns: Eating Healthy on a Budget, The 3 Most Offensive Foods and Brad's Most Beneficial Workouts
Show Details57min 40s
Episode 59 - Is Snacking Beneficial?
Show Details11min
Episode 58 - Interview with Dr. Jaime Seeman: Misconceptions Around Eating Red Meat, Importance of Protein and Advantages of Carb Restriction
Show Details50min 20s
Episode 57 - Steps to Improve Gut Health
Show Details10min 13s
Episode 56 - Interview with Dr. Al Danenberg: Unconventional Cancer Protocol, Gut Health, and Better Belly Blueprint
Show Details57min 38s
Episode 55 - Healthy Tips when Eating Out
Show Details10min 57s
Episode 54 - Interview with Megan Ramos: Advantages of Fasting, What Breaks a Fast and Difference between Men and Women when Fasting
Show Details51min 17s
Episode 53 - 4 Tips to Get Your Health on Track
Show Details12min 4s
Episode 52 - Interview with Abel James: Abel's Wild Diet, How to Stay in Shape at Home, Importance of Learning Music
Show Details54min 24s
Episode 51 - Calories, Insulin and Losing Body Fat
Show Details10min 49s
Episode 50 - Interview with Ryan Lee: Ryan's 80/20 Health Rule, How to Eat Healthy without breaking the bank, Quick Workouts for the day
Show Details47min 30s
Episode 49 - Two Health Tips to get you Ready for the Summer
Show Details6min 50s
Episode 48 - Interview with Judy Cho: How Carnivore saved her depression, Importance of Minerals, and Cholesterol's role in the body
Show Details56min 29s
Episode 47 - Reasons to Fast
Show Details8min 33s
Episode 46 - Interview with Aimee Carlson: How to Live a Toxic Free Lifestyle, and Detox Tips for your Home, Food, Water and more!
Show Details49min 51s
Episode 45 - Are you Challenging Your Brain?
Show Details6min 2s
Episode 44 - Interview with Dr. Shawn Baker: The Carnivore Way, Protein intake, and What's the deal with Fiber?
Show Details44min 20s
Episode 43 - Are your Cravings Controlling You?
Show Details9min 22s
Episode 42 - Interview with Gin Stephens: What's a Clean Fast, Fasting with a Purpose and Importance of Mindset with Fasting
Show Details56min 28s
Episode 41 - 6 Ways to Protect from Insulin Resistance
Show Details5min 51s
Episode 40 - Interview with Jason Ackerman: Keys to Making Lifestyle Change, Carnivore Eating, and Tips for Better Sleep
Show Details44min 37s
Episode 39 - Keto and Intermittent Fasting
Show Details6min 16s
Episode 38 - Interview with Dr. Pastore: How to deal with Celiac Disease, Advantages of Ancestral Eating, and Is Dairy good for you?
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 37 - Are Plants Toxic?
Show Details8min 52s
Episode 36 - Interview with Larry Diamond: How he lost 120lbs, Overcame Hunger and Used Fasting as a tool to regain his health
Show Details59min 17s
Episode 35 - Fasting and Fat Loss!
Show Details8min 17s
Episode 34 - Interview with Fit2Fat2Fit Drew Manning - Keys to getting back 2 Fit, How to Stay Consistent and Overcome Mental Barriers to Weight Loss
Show Details45min 45s
Episode 33 - What to eat during a day of Intermittent Fasting!
Show Details10min 57s
Episode 32 - Interview with Scott Stallings: Fitness, Recovery and Intermittent Fasting from one of the fittest guys on the PGA Tour
Show Details48min 18s
Episode 31 - Benefits of Cold Exposure
Show Details5min 51s
Episode 30 - Interview with Doug Holt: Importance of a Coach, Successful Mindset and Getting Unstuck
Show Details44min 18s
Episode 29 - 5 Principles to Maximize Your Health!
Show Details8min 23s
Episode 28 - Interview with Danny Vega: Mindful eating, Morning Rituals and Fasting for Health
Show Details1hr 3min
Episode 27 - What's the best way to get abs?
Show Details10min 36s
Episode 26 - Interview with Dr. Terri Lance - How to start and break a fast, Difference between calorie restriction and fasting, and Overcoming Hunger
Show Details1hr 3min
Episode 25 - Tips to Eliminate Sugar and a 7 Day Challenge!
Show Details10min 48s
Episode 24 - Interview with Dr. Ken Berry: Misconceptions around Cholesterol, Fiber, Dairy and Ways to Raise Testosterone
Show Details58min 25s
Episode 23 - Eliminate This One Thing to Lose Fat
Show Details7min 14s
Episode 22 - Interview with Connie Nightingale: Clean Eating Principles, Health Eating for Kids and How to be a Keto Athlete
Show Details51min 56s
Episode 21 - 6 Tips to Optimize Sleep!
Show Details6min 53s
Episode 20 - Interview with Adam Schaeuble: His Road to Losing Over 100LBS
Show Details50min 24s
Episode 19 - This Hormone Can Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals
Show Details6min 1s
Episode 18 - Interview with Dr. Bill Schindler: How to Eat Like a Human to regain your health
Show Details1hr 28min
Episode 17 - Crash Course in Reading Labels
Show Details7min 52s
Episode 16 - Interview with Marty Kendall: What's wrong with Keto, Data Driven Fasting and Which Proteins to Prioritize
Show Details50min 58s
Episode 15 - Does Coffee Break A Fast?
Show Details8min 10s
Episode 14 - Interview with Dr. Gary Shlifer: Living a Sapien Lifestyle, 5 Pillars of a Happy Human, and Strategies for a Sound Sleep
Show Details1hr 2min
Episode 13 - What type of protein should you eat?
Show Details8min 33s
Episode 12 - Interview with Dr. John Jaquish: The X3 Bar vs. Traditional Lifting, Why Cardio makes you hold onto fat and Dr. John's dietary advice
Show Details1hr
Episode 11 - How I Decreased Body Fat % and Increased Muscle!
Show Details12min 52s
Episode 10 - Interview with Dr. Ted Naiman: Importance of Protein, Energy Toxicity, Carb Periodization and Foods to Avoid
Show Details53min 48s
Episode 9 - What is Circadian Rhythm and how can we use it to optimize our health?
Show Details5min 20s
Episode 8 - Interview with Robert Sikes: How Keto can turn you into a Fat Burner!
Show Details44min 26s
Episode 7 - What I Have Learned From Fasting
Show Details7min 59s
Episode 6 - William Shewfelt's Daily Habits to Become Ripped
Show Details57min 43s
Episode 5 - How to Crush the Mornings to Dominate the Day!
Show Details8min 27s
Episode 4 - Interview with Elle Russ: Fix your Thyroid and Lower Inflammation with Paleo Eating
Show Details1hr
Episode 3 - Interview with Brian Sanders: Optimize your Health through Ancestral Eating
Show Details57min 34s
Episode 2 - Interview with Brad Kearns: Learn how to crush your morning routine and avoid injury/soreness from your workouts
Show Details57min 11s
Episode 1 - Top 10 Principles to Live A Kick A** Life
Show Details22min 22s