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George Carmona Podcast

The George Carmona Podcast was formerly the RUN GMC Podcast. The new show will upload on Monday nights and Friday nights for the foreseeable future. The podcast will feature funny segments, guests and whatever George feels like doing. I hope you enjoy!


GCP Ep. 4 Junior's Commitment Ceremony
Show Details1hr 11min
GCP Ep. 3 with guest Lonny Rose (Segments: Among Us ; Presidential Debate ; Live NBA Finals Updates ; MLB Playoffs ; NFL Weekend Preview)
Show Details1hr 13min
GCP ep. 2 with guest David Rose "Segments: Friendship, Dave's Birthday, NBA Finals Update, Top 3 Drinks at a Bar"
Show Details59min 25s
GCP episode 1 "Segments: 3 Stars ; Swipe Right/Left ; Dirty Bird Headlines ; Sugar Daddy Picks"
Show Details1hr 6min