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The geography & grammar of the English language. On this podcast, we’re filling in the map of the English language with a treasure trove of grammar rules and fascinating facts. You can always find the show notes and transcripts at


Ep. 6: Sussing Out, Sherlock
Show Details22min 16s
Ep. 5: Sentence Errors and Beating Writer's Block
Show Details31min 14s
Ep. 4: Sentences, Soundbites, and Piracy
Show Details23min 14s
Ep. 3: Throwing the Hot Potato
Show Details28min 18s
Ep. 2: Sophomoric or Sophisticated?
Show Details19min 50s
Ep. 1: Where did grammar 'rules' come from?
Show Details24min 22s
Episode 0: Trailer
Show Details2min 59s