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This is an in-depth study on the book of Genesis, which was written in order to reveal the character of Yahweh to the family of Abraham whom He had chosen to restore back to the image of God so that He could bless them in a covenant relationship with Himself and that they would be blessing to the world.


Genesis 49:29-50:26
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Genesis 48:1-49:28
Show Details31min 26s
Genesis 44:1-47:31
Show Details34min 8s
Genesis 42:1-43:34
Show Details32min 5s
Genesis 41:1-57
Show Details25min 48s
Genesis 39:1-40:23
Show Details24min 56s
Genesis 38:1-30
Show Details15min 40s
Genesis 37:5-36
Show Details25min 36s
Genesis 37:1-4
Show Details23min 54s
Genesis 35:1-36:43
Show Details23min 36s
Genesis 34:1-31
Show Details17min 11s
Genesis 32:13-33:20
Show Details18min 48s
Genesis 32:1-12
Show Details12min 35s
Genesis 31:1-55
Show Details26min 43s
Genesis 30:22-43
Show Details17min 38s
Genesis 29:31-30:21
Show Details21min 46s
Genesis 29:1-30
Show Details22min 17s
Genesis 28:10-22
Show Details18min 31s
Genesis 27:30-28:9
Show Details23min 53s
Genesis 27:1-29
Show Details21min 2s
Genesis 25:19-26:35
Show Details33min 40s
Genesis 23:1-25:18
Show Details33min 56s
Genesis 22:13-24
Show Details16min 45s
Genesis 22:1-12
Show Details24min 7s
Genesis 20:1-21:34
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Genesis 19:1-38
Show Details31min 36s
Genesis 18:1-33
Show Details20min 18s
Genesis 17:1-27
Show Details38min
Genesis 16:1-16
Show Details33min 47s
Genesis 15:7-21
Show Details24min 31s
Genesis 15:1-6
Show Details26min 12s
Genesis 14:1-24
Show Details30min 45s
Genesis 13:1-18
Show Details36min 8s
Genesis 12:10-20
Show Details15min 48s
Genesis 11:27-12:9
Show Details30min 55s
Genesis 11:1-26
Show Details27min 2s
Genesis 10:1-32
Show Details12min 17s
Genesis 9:1-29
Show Details28min 56s
Genesis 6:9-8:22
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Genesis 6:1-8
Show Details37min 45s
Genesis 5:1-32
Show Details33min 39s
Genesis 4:17-26
Show Details15min 13s
Genesis 4:1-16
Show Details33min 37s
Genesis 3:16-24
Show Details22min 9s
Genesis 3:8-15
Show Details19min 41s
Genesis 3:1-7
Show Details41min 52s
Genesis 2:18-25
Show Details23min 14s
Genesis 2:10-17
Show Details17min 45s
Genesis 2:4-9
Show Details36min 30s
Genesis 2:1-3
Show Details36min 43s
Genesis 1:14-31
Show Details23min 53s
Genesis 1:3-13
Show Details17min 43s
Genesis 1:1-2
Show Details35min 36s
Genesis Introduction
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