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Ep.83 Its about nothing at all
Show Details31min 31s
Ep.82 We're Back...
Show Details36min 3s
ep81 Mel and Vin
Show Details47min 59s
Ep80 Don't Exist...
Show Details38min 51s
ep79 Revenge of the JollyRancherCommander
Show Details37min 42s
Ep78 Back in the Studio
Show Details37min 33s
ep77 What is wrong with this world?
Show Details30min 47s
Ep76 Tats and Motorcycles
Show Details36min
ep75 AA Meeting...
Show Details37min 21s
Ep74 wtf another Solo Show
Show Details23min 34s
Bonus: AN Experimental heart beat
Show Details31min
Ep73 Give me that 8ball
Show Details30min 57s
ep72 to Hard Days
Show Details16min 20s
Ep71 For the Night Shift
Show Details30min 31s
ep70 Give me a flow
Show Details37min 31s
Ep69 69 69 69 69 69 yay!
Show Details30min 14s
Ep68 Whats in that soup?
Show Details35min 1s
SPECIAL: outside sounds to fall asleep.
Show Details37min 27s
ep67 KingSize Bar
Show Details32min 47s
Ep66 Microwave Massacre
Show Details31min 6s
Ep65 JollyRancherCommander Therapy
Show Details33min
Ep64 PhD In Custodial Arts
Show Details34min 45s
ep63 Trading Food Stamps...
Show Details26min 27s
Ep62. Get dem cheeks
Show Details32min 33s
Covid 19
Show Details35min 41s
Ep60. The End.
Show Details19min 23s
Ep59. Missed Connections (;_ ;)
Show Details50min 11s
FlashBack Mondays! ep1
Show Details1hr 7min
Ep58. Thats Not Toothpaste
Show Details39min 12s
Ep57. Love and Cheating
Show Details40min 24s
Ep56. Friends in Need? (-_0)
Show Details38min 24s
Ep55. Love and Marriage ... F+N =^-^=
Show Details29min 34s
Ep54. New Years, New Me; not YOU!
Show Details46min 33s
Ep53. Merry Christmas
Show Details34min 31s
Ep52. Jingle Bells, Christmas, and Close Friends...
Show Details47min 55s
Ep51. Strange News and Booty Calls
Show Details56min 26s
Ep50. Ghosted...
Show Details46min 46s
Ep49. Demon Sighting before Thanksgiving!
Show Details41min 52s
Ep48. How to pick up Women on a Podcast
Show Details39min 7s
Show Details4min 30s
Ep47. How to Ruin Someones Breakfast.
Show Details53min 39s
Ep46. How Not To Get Energized...
Show Details45min 29s
Ep.45 The Bunny Ranch!
Show Details44min 55s
Ep44. The Halloween Finale!
Show Details44min 36s
Ep43. Halloween Special pt.3 - The Search for Ep41
Show Details54min 37s
Ep42. Halloween Special pt.2
Show Details44min 15s
Ep40. Halloween Special pt.1
Show Details44min 13s
Ep39. That Song That Makes You Say "WTF?"
Show Details41min 13s
Ep38. Music and Something Bizarre
Show Details36min 48s
Ep37. Music and The Breakfast Burrito
Show Details43min 38s
Ep36. The Music, pt.5
Show Details41min 5s
Ep35. The Music, pt.4
Show Details40min 12s
Ep34. The Music, pt.3
Show Details53min 35s
Ep33. The Music, pt.2
Show Details1hr 5min
Ep32. The Music, pt.1
Show Details43min 1s
Hit it with THOR's HAMMER? :P
Show Details26min 51s
Spider-Man: Far From Home (Spoiler Review)
Show Details32min 47s
See You Later, Lalo o/
Show Details51min 17s
She wants to Play a Game.
Show Details24min 12s
Godzilla : King of the Monsters (Spoiler Review)
Show Details41min 57s
Game of Thrones: Complete S8
Show Details34min 51s
This Week In Cringe News, April 10, 2019
Show Details53min 43s
Methology pt. 2: The Search for pt. 1
Show Details54min 58s
Moo Moo Buckaroo!!! ft. Mike!
Show Details48min 29s
Captain Marvel (spoilers)
Show Details53min 53s
What's blood got to do with it?
Show Details45min 55s
The Convex Earth Society
Show Details48min 34s
Apex and The Death of Pepper Potts
Show Details46min 32s
Special Guest : Marly Records
Show Details37min 31s
Apex Legends, Movies and Cringe News...
Show Details55min 39s
Special Guest: HumorUs Podcast
Show Details50min 38s
Show Details27min 53s
Resident Evil 2 & Games We Want Remade
Show Details44min 24s
Cringe and Sex Bots
Show Details37min 18s
SPIDER-MAN Trailer and Cringe News!
Show Details45min 54s
Captain Marvel's New Power? (spoilers?)
Show Details49min 37s
Special Guest : Pop Collectors Alliance
Show Details48min 59s
Show Details41min 7s
Movie Flops and 2019 Expectations
Show Details31min 45s
The Failures of Society
Show Details51min 4s
Cringe News x New Capt.Marvel Trailer
Show Details43min 14s
We don't want Robin Hood movies!!!
Show Details34min 30s
New Captain Marvel Trailer and More!
Show Details32min 3s
Loki is DEAD!!(Spoilers?)
Show Details24min 46s
E3 without Sony or should you care?
Show Details49min 39s
Cringe News x Holiday Buyers Guide
Show Details51min 57s
What happen to the Mood Killa?
Show Details57min 10s
Cringe News
Show Details46min 41s
Diablo Fail x Cringe News
Show Details49min 56s
Marvel Stuff x Dinosaurs x Cringe News
Show Details55min 57s
Bye Bye Iron Fist x Cringe News
Show Details1hr 1min
James Gunn to the Rescue! x Cringey News
Show Details53min 22s
Dark Phoenix+Spider-Man into the spiderverse X Cringey News
Show Details1hr 1min
Captain Marvel Trailer x Cringey News
Show Details42min 54s
Superman is out x Cringey News
Show Details49min 49s
Captain Marvel x Cringey NEWS
Show Details1hr 1min
TDMR x Sci Fi Factory !!!!!!!!
Show Details1hr 10min
Podcast Review x Who got Fired? x News
Show Details49min 4s
TDMR x PopCollectorsAlliance x News
Show Details32min 17s
Batwoman,Fortnite, and Comics!
Show Details53min 43s
Pop Culture in Hindsight! Reviews and WTF News
Show Details1hr 2min
SDCC Movie Trailers,Dragon Age and Much More! (Spoilers?)
Show Details56min 6s
Pollution and Netflix' Godzilla?
Show Details41min 22s
Comics & Videogames
Show Details36min 32s
Movies, Music and Rants! (Slight Spoilers)
Show Details59min 3s
(Warning!)WestWorld Sn2 Finale (Full Spoilers)
Show Details1hr 25min
Podcast Reviews 9 and New Show Ideas.
Show Details42min 3s
WestWorld Sn2 Ep 9 Review (Spoilers)
Show Details1hr 11min
Podcast Review 8 and E3 2018
Show Details57min 32s
WestWorld Sn2 Ep8 and Podcast Review
Show Details1hr 4min
WestWorld Sn2 Ep7 & Podcast Review
Show Details1hr 23min
WestWorld Sn2 Ep 5&6 Review
Show Details1hr 7min
(Spoilers) Avengers:InfinityWar! Review & Examination
Show Details1hr 10min
WestWorld Sn2 Ep4 and Podcast Review
Show Details1hr 6min
WestWorld Sn2 Ep3 and Podcast Review
Show Details1hr 8min
WestWorld Sn2 Ep2 and Podcast Review
Show Details1hr 7min
WestWorld Sn2 ep1 and Podcast Review
Show Details50min 16s
What The Hell Did You Just Say? ep2
Show Details1hr 10min
What The Hell Did You Just Say? ep1
Show Details59min 42s
Watching from Home 1 (Spoilers Movie Reviews)
Show Details51min 58s
Podcast Reviews 7 and the After Thought.
Show Details47min 35s
Podcast Reviews 6 and Something New.
Show Details50min 35s
Redbox Netflix and the MCU Reviews
Show Details1hr 3min
(Remastered) Podcast Review 5 and DFW WordFest 2018
Show Details1hr 10min
Living Life and hiding the sound of your mudslide
Show Details59min 49s
Podcast Review 4 and Wistful Affection
Show Details45min 44s
Podcast Review 3 and the End of YouTube
Show Details1hr 2min
Birds and Rain, sounds of Nature.
Show Details57min 53s
Let's Read Twitter 2 and Tripping on Wild Peppers
Show Details1hr 3min
Re-cut Solo Trailer, Nexflix Reviews (Spoilers) and a Phone Call
Show Details56min 59s
Podcast Reviews 2 and a Serious Moment
Show Details50min 26s
Do you really wanna go there? Do you really?
Show Details58min 51s
Podcast Reviews and The War on St. Valentine’s
Show Details1hr 4min
ASMR #2 with Ambient Sounds of Nature.
Show Details15min 36s
Oops, I gave myself the evil eye...
Show Details1hr 4min
Netflix' Bright Review and Ant-Man and Wasp Trailer!
Show Details1hr
Some Confessions should be left unsaid.
Show Details1hr 2min
Show Details20min 7s
My irrational fear and the prison of my mind!
Show Details59min 56s
Let's Read Twitter!! I can't believe these are moments...
Show Details19min 46s
TDMR x Last Jedi Review(Spoilers)
Show Details1hr 10min
New Years Resolution and The Phone Calls
Show Details55min 16s
The first!! Christmas vs. TDMR
Show Details47min 38s
MiddleAgedNerds Live! (choppy)
Show Details41min 53s
Nasty food combinations ! Ew!!!!
Show Details1hr 4min
Big Eddie Spice on Movie Trailers
Show Details56min
In the End Catgirls...
Show Details59min 41s
EA,Brothels,CashShops,Destiny2, and so Clean, Clean.
Show Details48min 55s
The Tease
Show Details2min 47s
Foodember is here! Yummy!
Show Details1hr 4min
Return of the Nerds
Show Details1hr 22min
16. Happy Halloween from TDMR!
Show Details58min 45s
15. Fitness in the Grove ft. Eddie
Show Details1hr 3min
14. Scary Movies&Destiny 2 Raid Ft. Micheal & Chance
Show Details1hr 6min
The Lost episode, I found it !!!!
Show Details1hr 6min
Destiny 2 and Pizza life ft. McD
Show Details1hr 9min
Minisode and ASMR with Lalo?
Show Details16min 49s
13. TDMR x MiddleAgedNerds Show!!!!
Show Details1hr 22min
21. MiddleAgedNerds Show x TDMR!!!
Show Details1hr 20min
12. The Return of Stallion Vodka a.k.a. Adam!
Show Details1hr 3min
11. Tag Team, off the Ropes! and Tamales!
Show Details1hr 4min
20. Shenanigans at A-fest and Game of Thrones Season finale & DeathNote Review!
Show Details1hr 6min
10. Life and DeathNote ft. LALO (Sproliers)
Show Details1hr 34min
9. Crazy theory crafting with LaLo!
Show Details58min 6s
19. VR, eSports, Game of Thrones:TheoryCrafting (Fixed Audio)
Show Details1hr 7min
8. Re-Enter the Matrix with Eddie.
Show Details53min 22s
episode 7. Retro Theater, Rambo all day everyday!
Show Details1hr 14min
18. Live In the now, fook time traveling
Show Details32min 30s
17. What happen's when you record while sick?! Let's find out!
Show Details1hr 17min
episode 6. Lalo is in the House!11!!!11!
Show Details58min 20s
episode 5. what's it like to be Eddie? What does he think of the MCU?
Show Details56min 3s
Episode 4. Chill'n with Adam and the unexpected
Show Details54min 52s
16. Netflix's DeathNote, Sony's Vemon and (Spoilers) S7 ep1 Game of Thrones,
Show Details1hr 9min
Episode 3. Living in the country, hot Texas days with Cameron
Show Details56min 35s
15. Spider-Man Homecoming (spoilers!) review, China masters teleportation
Show Details1hr 21min
Episode 2. Sitting in the morning sun geeking out with Michael
Show Details55min 37s
14. Vampires, yes or no? Transformers Spoilers, and Maybe Spider-Man Spoilers
Show Details1hr 34min
Episode 1. The first episode with guest host Cameron
Show Details1hr 5min
13. Changes, come and face the strange changes.
Show Details37min 54s
12. Brown Bag Special with secret seasoning
Show Details18min 57s
11. The Lost Episodes Vol.2 ft. Astropanda Big Wig
Show Details33min 44s
10. What do Models know? Brandon is here to set us straight! part 4 of 4!!!!!
Show Details46min 23s
9. What do Models know? Brandon is here to set us straight! part 3 of 4
Show Details29min 31s
8. What do Models know? Brandon is here to set us straight! Part 2 of 4
Show Details32min 44s
7. What do Models know? Brandon is here to set us straight! Part 1 of 4
Show Details30min 41s
6. The Lost Episode Vol. 1 ft. AstroPanda Big Wig
Show Details36min 29s
5. StarWars Theories and Tales from the Darkside
Show Details31min 51s
4. What If Someone Didn't like The Crow?
Show Details36min 5s
3. The Heat from Global Warming melts our brains!
Show Details42min 38s
2. Spooky tales from the future!
Show Details33min 46s
1. Sharing is Caring?
Show Details33min 3s
[TweakYourGeek] Someone trips into the future with protein powders!
Show Details33min 52s
[TweakYourGeek] The Secret door and Adventures in Gaming.
Show Details33min 4s
[TweakYourGeek] Diving Deep in to Logan and Destiny(2)
Show Details33min 13s
[TweakYourGeek] D&D of the Mind will you Survive?
Show Details31min 15s
[TweakYourGeek] Would you buy a Fitbit for your man bit?
Show Details31min 46s
[TweakYourGeek]Should we tip and Movies?
Show Details32min 40s
[TweakYourGeek] He gets two hands dirty!
Show Details33min 29s
[TweakYourGeek] Magic Rings & Mirror sneak into our lives
Show Details28min 50s
[TweakYourGeek]Is your Armband tired of Superhero movies?
Show Details31min 40s