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Ep56. Friends in Need? (-_0)
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Ep55. Love and Marriage ... F+N =^-^=
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Ep54. New Years, New Me; not YOU!
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Ep53. Merry Christmas
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Ep52. Jingle Bells, Christmas, and Close Friends...
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Ep51. Strange News and Booty Calls
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Ep50. Ghosted...
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Ep49. Demon Sighting before Thanksgiving!
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Ep48. How to pick up Women on a Podcast
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Ep47. How to Ruin Someones Breakfast.
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Ep46. How Not To Get Energized...
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Ep.45 The Bunny Ranch!
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Ep44. The Halloween Finale!
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Ep43. Halloween Special pt.3 - The Search for Ep41
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Ep42. Halloween Special pt.2
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Ep40. Halloween Special pt.1
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Ep39. That Song That Makes You Say "WTF?"
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Ep38. Music and Something Bizarre
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Ep37. Music and The Breakfast Burrito
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Ep36. The Music, pt.5
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Ep35. The Music, pt.4
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Ep34. The Music, pt.3
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Ep33. The Music, pt.2
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Ep32. The Music, pt.1
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Hit it with THOR's HAMMER? :P
Show Details26min 51s
Spider-Man: Far From Home (Spoiler Review)
Show Details32min 47s
See You Later, Lalo o/
Show Details51min 17s
She wants to Play a Game.
Show Details24min 12s
Godzilla : King of the Monsters (Spoiler Review)
Show Details41min 57s
Game of Thrones: Complete S8
Show Details34min 51s
This Week In Cringe News, April 10, 2019
Show Details53min 43s
Methology pt. 2: The Search for pt. 1
Show Details54min 58s
Moo Moo Buckaroo!!! ft. Mike!
Show Details48min 29s
Captain Marvel (spoilers)
Show Details53min 53s
What's blood got to do with it?
Show Details45min 55s
The Convex Earth Society
Show Details48min 34s
Apex and The Death of Pepper Potts
Show Details46min 32s
Special Guest : Marly Records
Show Details37min 31s
Apex Legends, Movies and Cringe News...
Show Details55min 39s
Special Guest: HumorUs Podcast
Show Details50min 38s
Show Details27min 53s
Resident Evil 2 & Games We Want Remade
Show Details44min 24s
Cringe and Sex Bots
Show Details37min 18s
SPIDER-MAN Trailer and Cringe News!
Show Details45min 54s
Captain Marvel's New Power? (spoilers?)
Show Details49min 37s
Special Guest : Pop Collectors Alliance
Show Details48min 59s
Show Details40min 41s
Movie Flops and 2019 Expectations
Show Details31min 45s
The Failures of Society
Show Details50min 53s
Cringe News x New Capt.Marvel Trailer
Show Details43min 14s
We don't want Robin Hood movies!!!
Show Details34min 30s
Loki is DEAD!!(Spoilers?)
Show Details24min 46s
E3 without Sony or should you care?
Show Details49min 39s
Cringe News x Holiday Buyers Guide
Show Details51min 57s
Cringe News
Show Details46min 41s