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Geek Lounge

A solo podcast every other week where I, Novelias, will discuss, report and talk about areas various area of interest such as gaming, books, movies, technology, anime and even creative writing and art. This podcast aims to be a chill and relaxing place where I get to 'geek' out about these hobbies or areas of interest, and perhaps alongside others and yourself.

There will be an attempt to avoid politics and I am currently the only one member of this podcast but who knows, I might get some friends to tag along for an episode or two.

This podcast is a work of an amateur who has not listened to that many podcasts and thus I am trying to learn the ropes of this medium, so please forgive me for my shortcomings but if I choose to commit to this, I will try and improve the various aspects of this podcast.


A Discourse on the Genshin character, Xinyan | Geek Lounge
Show Details1hr 2min
Introduction to Geek Lounge
Show Details46min 50s