The GAZPOD: with seFu

The GAZPOD is simply another platform for seFu (Artist/Producer/Writer/Designer/Model) to empower and uplift melinated artists of all natures. From friends of seFu, to people in high, high places, conversations on various topics will be held to open hearts and minds to new ideas and ways of thinking. Come join us in conversation!



David: It's a Small World!
Show Details1hr
King Ezla: Palacose, & the Power of Optimism
Show Details42min 48s
Precious: Pro Hoe & Pro Black
Show Details58min 58s
Justo: Sports=Art, Basketball Journeys, NBA Bubble
Show Details51min 18s
Kierra: Black Leadership, Afros, Importance Of Voting
Show Details1hr 24min
Chimezie: Biracial Abroad, "N*gga," Underground Rap
Show Details58min 21s
Nala: Melanated Spirituality, and Losing The Ego
Show Details1hr 2min
Jelani: African Migration, Serving The U.S, Pro Sports=Slavery?
Show Details30min 51s
Nata: Black Women in Hip-Hop, Spirituality, & Art vs. Sport
Show Details58min 26s
introducing.. GAZPOD
Show Details1min 31s