Gaze At the National Parks

Avid hikers Dustin Ballard and Michael Ryan adventure across America’s National Parks. Each episode explores a single park through its trails. Join them as they climb to terrifying heights, cross miles of desert, and hike through the forests of these American Treasures while playing all of the trail games along the way.


Pride Mix: Marsha P. Johnson
Show Details17min 20s
Pride Mix: Stonewall and Storme DeLarverie
Show Details15min 40s
Pride Mix: Cathay WIlliams
Show Details15min 29s
Pride Mix: Mabel Hampton
Show Details25min 2s
Pride Mix: Bayard Rustin
Show Details28min 14s
42- The Frying Pan Trail: Capitol Reef NP
Show Details44min 42s
Trail Mix: John Muir
Show Details27min 38s
41- Cassidy Arch: Capitol Reef NP
Show Details56min 21s
Trail Mix: Love it or Leave it
Show Details39min 50s
40- Channel Islands NP Part 2
Show Details47min 49s
National Park Week- Throwback Thursday: Other Great National Parks Podcasts (Bonus Episode)
Show Details24min 51s
Trail Mix: National Park Week
Show Details39min 12s
Trail Mix: National Parks Foundation
Show Details26min 12s
39- Channel Islands NP Part 1
Show Details49min 53s
Trail Mix in Quarantine
Show Details38min 53s
38- Tomichi Route Pt. 2: The Ascent- Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP
Show Details55min 9s
Trail Mix: Teddy Roosevelt
Show Details30min 2s
37- Tomichi Route Pt. 1: The Descent - Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP
Show Details52min 14s
Trail Mix: Drones in the National Parks
Show Details22min 10s
36- Warner Point and Rim Road: Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP
Show Details56min 5s
Trail Mix: Sandy Hook of Gateway National Recreation Area
Show Details25min 51s
35- Moro Rock Summit: Sequoia NP
Show Details49min 47s
Trail Mix: Sequoia Trees
Show Details19min 4s
34- Giant Sequoia Groves: Sequoia NP
Show Details55min 50s
Trail Mix: 2020 Park Updates
Show Details23min 41s
33- Grant's Grove: King's Canyon NP
Show Details54min 14s
Trail Mix: Gaze at the National Mall Pt. 3
Show Details21min 27s
32- Little Devils Stairs: Shenandoah NP
Show Details54min 16s
Trail Mix: Gaze at the National Mall Pt. 2
Show Details24min 28s
31- Stony Man Trail: Shenandoah NP
Show Details49min 7s
Trail Mix: Gaze at the National Mall Pt. 1
Show Details39min 26s
30- White Oak Canyon Trail: Shenandoah NP
Show Details57min 31s
Trail Mix: Native American Heritage Month
Show Details40min 21s
29- Old Rag Mountain: Shenandoah NP
Show Details1hr 3min
Trail Mix: Hawai'i Park Updates
Show Details27min 39s
28- Haleakala National Park Pt. 2
Show Details58min 54s
Trail Mix: Kauai Bucket List
Show Details30min 48s
27- Haleakala National Park Pt. 1
Show Details1hr 9min
Trail Mix: Kalalau Trail Pt. 2
Show Details34min 4s
26- Craters and Petroglyphs: Hawai'i Volcanoes NP
Show Details44min 22s
Trail Mix: Kalalau Trail Pt. 1
Show Details48min 6s
25- Kiluea Iki Trail: Hawai'i Volcanoes NP
Show Details46min 44s
Trail Mix: Secret Falls- Kauai, Hawai'i
Show Details26min 30s
24- Halema'uma'u Trail: Hawai'i Volcanoes NP
Show Details55min 51s
Season 2 Trail Map
Show Details15min 9s
Trail Mix: Endangered Species
Show Details19min 50s
S1 Summit Part 4: Hiking Trails
Show Details28min 16s
S1 Summit Part 3: Current Events
Show Details32min 37s
S1 Summit Part 2: Ecosystems
Show Details30min 3s
S1 Summit Part 1: Visitorship
Show Details28min 27s
23- Two Peaks, Three Mountains: Acadia NP
Show Details54min
Trail Mix: Breweries of the National Parks
Show Details26min 9s
22- Bar Island, Beehive, & Beyond: Acadia NP
Show Details54min 4s
Trail Mix: Salute to America?
Show Details30min 55s
21- Cadillac Mountain & Great Head: Acadia NP
Show Details58min 26s
Pride Mix: Ok, Cupid
Show Details40min 10s
20- Buckeye and Valley Trails: Cuyahoga Valley NP
Show Details1hr 7min
Pride Mix: The NPS LGBTQ Heritage Theme Study
Show Details40min 5s
19- Brandywine Falls Trail: Cuyahoga Valley NP
Show Details1hr 3min
Trail Mix: Florida Part 4- Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC
Show Details33min 26s
18- Grand Lake: Rocky Mountain NP
Show Details51min 13s
Trail Mix: Trail Hacks
Show Details29min 6s
17- Cub Lake: Rocky Mountain NP
Show Details49min 26s
Trail Mix: Florida Part 3 - Universal Studios
Show Details34min 51s
16- Deer Mountain: Rocky Mountain NP
Show Details52min 39s
Trail Mix: Florida Part 2 - Disney World
Show Details41min 14s
15- Canyonlands National Park
Show Details45min 52s
The Photo Album: Part 1
Show Details18min 26s
Trail Mix: Ellis Island and Liberty Island
Show Details36min 14s
14- Delicate Arch & Park Avenue: Arches NP
Show Details48min 47s
Trail Mix: Florida Part 1 - The Drive
Show Details23min 25s
13- The Devil's Garden: Arches NP
Show Details56min 54s
Trail Mix: Free Solo Review
Show Details33min 45s
12- Congaree National Park, SC
Show Details45min 38s
Trail Mix: Walkabout
Show Details29min 32s
Bonus: Mike Laughing for 3 Minutes
Show Details3min 9s
11- Five More Trails: Zion National Park
Show Details58min 35s
Trail Mix: Jeopardy
Show Details22min 4s
10- Angels Landing: Zion National Park
Show Details55min 10s
Trail Mix: The Joshua Tree Problem and Beyond
Show Details32min 35s
9- Hidden Canyon: Zion National Park
Show Details1hr
Trail Mix: Government Shutdown Breakdown
Show Details37min
Trail Mix: Giving and Receiving
Show Details31min 5s
8- Origin Story
Show Details58min 22s
Trail Mix: Hiking Gear
Show Details29min 48s
7- Mount Le Conte: Great Smoky Mountains NP
Show Details58min 14s
Trail Mix: Trail Terms and Strenuous Hikes
Show Details30min 27s
6- Best Laid Plans: Great Smoky Mountains NP
Show Details1hr 4min
Trail Mix: Asheville, NC
Show Details29min 49s
5- Mount Camerer: Great Smoky Mountains NP
Show Details51min 33s
Trail Mix: Smoky Mountains & Voting
Show Details26min 6s
4- Bryce Canyon Part 2: Peek-A-Boo Loop
Show Details1hr 2min
Trail Mix: Halloween
Show Details20min 35s
3- Bryce Canyon Part 1: Peek-A-Boo Loop
Show Details58min 2s
Trail Mix: Car Etiquette
Show Details17min 47s
2- Vernal & Nevada Falls: Yosemite National Park
Show Details51min 30s
Trail Mix: Preview for Episode 2
Show Details6min 15s
1- Yosemite Falls: Yosemite National Park
Show Details53min 25s