Gaze At the National Parks

Dustin Ballard and Michael Ryan hike the trails of America’s National Parks. Each episode features one hiking trail in one National Park, one park at a time. Join them as they climb to terrifying heights, cross miles of desert, and hike through the forests of these American Treasures.


Trail Mix: Without A T(race)
Show Details26min 4s
Trail Mix: Great American Outdoors Act
Show Details19min 29s
S2 Summit Part 4: Hiking Trails
Show Details46min 53s
S2 Summit Part 3: Histories
Show Details32min 27s
S2 Summit Part 2: Wildlife
Show Details32min 27s
S2 Summit Part 1: Visitorship
Show Details47min 15s
Trail Mix: Monument(al) Failure
Show Details29min 42s
44- Chimney Rock: Capitol Reef NP
Show Details46min 29s
Trail Mix: Protest and the NPS
Show Details28min 15s
43- Grand Wash Trail: Capitol Reef NP
Show Details50min 4s
Pride Mix: Marsha P. Johnson
Show Details17min 20s
Pride Mix: Stonewall and Storme DeLarverie
Show Details15min 40s
Pride Mix: Cathay WIlliams
Show Details15min 29s
Pride Mix: Mabel Hampton
Show Details25min 2s
Pride Mix: Bayard Rustin
Show Details28min 14s
42- The Frying Pan Trail: Capitol Reef NP
Show Details44min 42s
Trail Mix: John Muir
Show Details29min 13s
41- Cassidy Arch: Capitol Reef NP
Show Details56min 21s
Trail Mix: Love it or Leave it
Show Details39min 50s
40- Channel Islands NP Part 2
Show Details47min 49s
National Park Week- Throwback Thursday: Other Great National Parks Podcasts (Bonus Episode)
Show Details24min 51s
Trail Mix: National Park Week
Show Details39min 12s
Trail Mix: National Parks Foundation
Show Details26min 12s
39- Channel Islands NP Part 1
Show Details49min 53s
Trail Mix in Quarantine
Show Details38min 53s
38- Tomichi Route Pt. 2: The Ascent- Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP
Show Details55min 9s
Trail Mix: Teddy Roosevelt
Show Details31min 30s
37- Tomichi Route Pt. 1: The Descent - Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP
Show Details52min 14s
Trail Mix: Drones in the National Parks
Show Details22min 10s
36- Warner Point and Rim Road: Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP
Show Details56min 5s
Trail Mix: Sandy Hook of Gateway National Recreation Area
Show Details25min 51s
35- Moro Rock Summit: Sequoia NP
Show Details49min 47s
Trail Mix: Sequoia Trees
Show Details19min 4s
34- Giant Sequoia Groves: Sequoia NP
Show Details55min 50s
Trail Mix: 2020 Park Updates
Show Details23min 41s
33- Grant's Grove: King's Canyon NP
Show Details54min 14s
Trail Mix: Gaze at the National Mall Pt. 3
Show Details21min 27s
32- Little Devils Stairs: Shenandoah NP
Show Details54min 16s
Trail Mix: Gaze at the National Mall Pt. 2
Show Details24min 28s
31- Stony Man Trail: Shenandoah NP
Show Details49min 7s
Trail Mix: Gaze at the National Mall Pt. 1
Show Details39min 26s
30- White Oak Canyon Trail: Shenandoah NP
Show Details57min 31s
Trail Mix: Native American Heritage Month
Show Details40min 21s
29- Old Rag Mountain: Shenandoah NP
Show Details1hr 3min
Trail Mix: Hawai'i Park Updates
Show Details27min 39s
28- Haleakala National Park Pt. 2
Show Details58min 54s
Trail Mix: Kauai Bucket List
Show Details30min 48s
27- Haleakala National Park Pt. 1
Show Details1hr 9min
Trail Mix: Kalalau Trail Pt. 2
Show Details34min 4s
26- Craters and Petroglyphs: Hawai'i Volcanoes NP
Show Details44min 22s
Trail Mix: Kalalau Trail Pt. 1
Show Details48min 6s
25- Kiluea Iki Trail: Hawai'i Volcanoes NP
Show Details46min 44s
Trail Mix: Secret Falls- Kauai, Hawai'i
Show Details26min 30s
24- Halema'uma'u Trail: Hawai'i Volcanoes NP
Show Details55min 51s
Season 2 Trail Map
Show Details15min 9s
Trail Mix: Endangered Species
Show Details19min 50s
S1 Summit Part 4: Hiking Trails
Show Details28min 16s
S1 Summit Part 3: Current Events
Show Details32min 37s
S1 Summit Part 2: Ecosystems
Show Details30min 3s
S1 Summit Part 1: Visitorship
Show Details28min 27s
23- Two Peaks, Three Mountains: Acadia NP
Show Details54min
Trail Mix: Breweries of the National Parks
Show Details26min 9s
22- Bar Island, Beehive, & Beyond: Acadia NP
Show Details54min 4s
Trail Mix: Salute to America?
Show Details30min 55s
21- Cadillac Mountain & Great Head: Acadia NP
Show Details58min 26s
Pride Mix: Ok, Cupid
Show Details40min 10s
20- Buckeye and Valley Trails: Cuyahoga Valley NP
Show Details1hr 7min
Pride Mix: The NPS LGBTQ Heritage Theme Study
Show Details40min 5s
19- Brandywine Falls Trail: Cuyahoga Valley NP
Show Details1hr 3min
Trail Mix: Florida Part 4- Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC
Show Details33min 26s
18- Grand Lake: Rocky Mountain NP
Show Details51min 13s
Trail Mix: Trail Hacks
Show Details29min 6s
17- Cub Lake: Rocky Mountain NP
Show Details49min 26s
Trail Mix: Florida Part 3 - Universal Studios
Show Details34min 51s
16- Deer Mountain: Rocky Mountain NP
Show Details52min 38s
Trail Mix: Florida Part 2 - Disney World
Show Details41min 14s
15- Canyonlands National Park
Show Details45min 52s
The Photo Album: Part 1
Show Details18min 26s
Trail Mix: Ellis Island and Liberty Island
Show Details36min 14s
14- Delicate Arch & Park Avenue: Arches NP
Show Details48min 47s
Trail Mix: Florida Part 1 - The Drive
Show Details23min 25s
13- The Devil's Garden: Arches NP
Show Details56min 54s
Trail Mix: Free Solo Review
Show Details33min 45s
12- Congaree National Park, SC
Show Details45min 38s
Trail Mix: Walkabout
Show Details29min 32s
11- Five More Trails: Zion National Park
Show Details58min 35s
Trail Mix: Jeopardy
Show Details22min 4s
10- Angels Landing: Zion National Park
Show Details55min 10s
Trail Mix: The Joshua Tree Problem and Beyond
Show Details32min 35s
9- Hidden Canyon: Zion National Park
Show Details1hr
Trail Mix: Government Shutdown Breakdown
Show Details37min
Trail Mix: Giving and Receiving
Show Details31min 5s
8- Origin Story
Show Details58min 22s
Trail Mix: Hiking Gear
Show Details29min 48s
7- Mount Le Conte: Great Smoky Mountains NP
Show Details58min 14s
Trail Mix: Trail Terms and Strenuous Hikes
Show Details30min 27s
6- Best Laid Plans: Great Smoky Mountains NP
Show Details1hr 4min
Trail Mix: Asheville, NC
Show Details29min 49s
5- Mount Camerer: Great Smoky Mountains NP
Show Details51min 33s
Trail Mix: Smoky Mountains & Voting
Show Details26min 6s
4- Bryce Canyon Part 2: Peek-A-Boo Loop
Show Details1hr 2min
Trail Mix: Halloween
Show Details20min 35s
3- Bryce Canyon Part 1: Peek-A-Boo Loop
Show Details58min 2s
Trail Mix: Car Etiquette
Show Details17min 47s
2- Vernal & Nevada Falls: Yosemite National Park
Show Details52min 35s
1- Yosemite Falls: Yosemite National Park
Show Details54min 24s