• S1 E2 - Dr Fabrizio Ticchiarelli, Lead Biologist

    In this episode, I have the pleasure of chatting with Dr Fabrizio Ticchiarelli, Gardin’s Lead Biologist.

    Fabrizio shares with us a wealth of information, from his approach to truly understanding growers' needs in Vertical Farms and Greenhouses to some exciting news about a Government Grant which Gardin has recently been awarded in conjunction with IGS and The James Hutton Institute. 

    Fabrizio also shares inspiring insight into Gardin’s technology and how they help growers to make informed decisions.

    He also kindly provides a brief lesson on plant science for those of us who need it!

    17m | Apr 6, 2022
  • S1 E1 - The Gardin Get Together - Gary Spencer

    In this episode we hear from Gary Spencer, Operations Director at Gardin and learn how Gary's expertise across various industries from aerospace to high-tech luxury goods is keeping us on track to make our Gardin grow in this new agtech world.

    26m | Jul 1, 2021
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