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Fusiontourism Podcast

FUSIONTOURISM PODCAST Podcast Show Overview: 1. Stories from Digital Nomads worldwide 2. Stories from small travel/tourism business owners 3. Review the benefits of travel/tourism tech apps 4. How are digital travel/tourism apps changing, creating disruption in the industry on how and why we travel? How can you benefit? 5. How travel and tourism are fusing more together than ever before? The benefits of that for each of us. Volunteer tourism, medical tourism, local tourism travel like a local. 6. How do Social Media effect and benefit tourism and travellers? 7. How you can create your unique travel journey creating income and passive income as you travel. 8. Thank you and feedback part of the community.


How To Travel as a Digital Nomad Family with Ricky Shetty - FTP10
Show Details29min 11s
How It Is Possible to Make a Travel Income from Bitcoin Trading Signals – FTP9
Show Details1hr 8min
How Financial Educational Wealth Resources Are Like Hidden Treasure for a Digital Nomad Traveler – FTP7
Show Details12min 1s
Why Are Unifii Bitcoin Trading Signals, Great for Growing and Protecting Your Wealth as a Digital Nomad or Traveler? – FTP8
Show Details26min 30s
Four More Steps You Can Earn Bitcoin Streams of Income in Your Travel and Tourism Niche Business – FTP6
Show Details13min 10s
How You Can Earn Bitcoin Streams of Incomes in Your Travel and Tourism Niche Business – FTP5
Show Details14min 58s
How You Instantly Become an Online Digital Travel Agent - FTP2
Show Details19min 40s
How Can You Use Bitcoin While Traveling? - FTP4
Show Details16min 10s
Why is it Great to Start on Periscope to Develop a Travel Niche Podcast? – FTP3
Show Details15min 14s
Maiden Voyage of FusionTourism Podcast - FTP1
Show Details7min 16s