Full Life Ministry Sermons

Full Life Ministry is a community of Christ believers in Sydney. We are the multi-generational and multicultural ministry part of a larger Korean church - Sydney Full Gospel Church. Whether you're a part of our community or not, have a listen to our weekly sermons and learn more about God!


Hunger & Thirst - Pastor Eddie Bang
Show Details25min 9s
The Beatitudes (Part 3) - Pastor Eddie Bang
Show Details37min 22s
The Beatitudes (Part 2) - Pastor Eddie Bang
Show Details28min 42s
The Beatitudes (Part 1) - Pastor Eddie Bang
Show Details39min 10s
Wholehearted - Pastor Paul Choi
Show Details55min 13s
Mystery of the Kingdom - Pastor Paul Kim
Show Details44min 18s
Prayer - Pastor Eddie Bang
Show Details34min 31s