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Fuck Fear

Fear can paralyze us from taking actions we know in our hearts we need to take. Fuck Fear is rich with conversations about the root cause of fears in life, career, relationships, and parenting. Guests are everyday people who share their struggles with fear and industry experts who teach us how to triumph over them.

Recovering from a toxic narcissistic relationship, author and host Catenya McHenry reached a breaking point of allowing the abuser to be manipulative, using fear to control her but it's when she finally said “fuck fear," that she was able to experience true freedom. And as a broadcast journalist and storyteller covering thousands of stories over two decades, Catenya always been curious about how and why fear affects and cripples humankind. 

The hope and intention is that Fuck Fear empowers you to give fear the finger, find your bravery, and finally do the thing you were afraid to do.


S3:E12 \ Happy 1-Year, A Look Back
Show Details47min 14s
S3:E11 \ Fear of Being a Whistleblower
Show Details1hr 10min
S3: E10 \ How Others Project their Fears Onto You
Show Details12min 7s
S3: E9 \ Fear of Loneliness and Being Alone | Life
Show Details51min 4s
S3 : E7 \ Fear of Failure | Life, Career
Show Details58min 1s
S3 : E6 \ Fear of Reporting Sexual Assault | Relationships, Life
Show Details1hr 12min
S3 : E5 \ Fear of Losing Yourself in a Relationship - Pt. 3 (Children)
Show Details32min 9s
S3: E4 \ Fear of Losing Yourself in a Relationship - Pt. 2 (Relationships)
Show Details37min 27s
S3 : E3 \ Fear of Losing Yourself in a Relationship - Pt. 1 (Marriage) | Relationships
Show Details1hr 16min
S3 : E2 \ Fear of Protecting Your Peace | Life
Show Details13min 31s
S3 : E1 \ Fear of Death | Life
Show Details1hr 8min
S2: E15 \ Fear of Leaving A Relationship | Life, Relationships
Show Details56min 23s
S2: E14 \ Fears of Being a Reality Show Contestant
Show Details47min 38s
S2: E13 \ Fear of Getting Vaccinated | Life
Show Details1hr 8min
S2 : E12\ The Grip of Fear | Life, Relationships
Show Details15min 37s
S2 : E11 \ Fear of Change | Life, Career, Relationships
Show Details38min 21s
S2: E10 \ Fear of Imposter Syndrome | Life
Show Details50min 44s
S2 : E9 \ Fear of Quitting Your Job | Career
Show Details52min 9s
S2: E8 \ Fear of Not Landing the Job or Contract | Career
Show Details41min 41s
S2 : E7 \ Fear of the Workplace Evaluation | Careers
Show Details47min 49s
S2 : E6 \ Fear of Changing Careers | Careers
Show Details47min 34s
S2 : E5 \ Fear of Living Your Truth | Life, Relationships
Show Details29min 59s
S2 : E4 \ Trauma Induced Fears | Life
Show Details50min 4s
S2 : E3 \ Fear of Speaking Out | Career, Life
Show Details1hr 4min
S2 : E2 \ Fear of Success | Life, Career
Show Details19min 31s
S2 : E1 \ Fear of Other's Expectations | Life, Career, Relationships
Show Details1hr 3min
Ep. 13: Fear of the Uncertain Outcome | Life
Show Details34min 17s
Ep. 12: Fear of the Uncomfortable Conversation | Life, Career, Parenting
Show Details34min 13s
Ep. 11: Fear of the Narcissist at Work | Career
Show Details53min 2s
Ep. 10: Fear of Setting Boundaries | Career, Life, Relationships
Show Details42min 3s
Ep. 9: Fear of Forgiving Yourself | Relationships
Show Details39min 39s
Ep. 8: Fear of Forgiving Family Members | Relationships
Show Details1hr 3min
Ep: 7: Fear of Starting a New Business | Career
Show Details37min 46s
Ep: 6: The Study of Fear | Life
Show Details41min 56s
Ep: 5: Fear of Telling Your Children the Truth | Parenting
Show Details27min 23s
Ep: 4: Fear of the Bully | Relationships
Show Details37min 50s
Ep: 2: Fear of Management in the Workplace | Career
Show Details32min 41s
Ep: 3: 3 Most Common Adult Fears | Life
Show Details43min 39s
Ep: 1: How it Started: Evolution of the Fuck Fear Podcast
Show Details33min 46s
Introducing: Fuck Fear
Show Details2min 44s
Fuck Fear (Trailer)
Show Details1min 1s