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From Skirts To Scrubs

Join medical students Charlotte Thill (she/her) and Alesha Kotian (she/her) as they navigate what it means to be a woman in the medical field and in their own lives. Each episode focuses on topics in medical history, current events, various health professions, female healthcare pioneers, and more! By analyzing different areas of healthcare and history through a feminist lens, From Skirts To Scrubs hopes to create a space to explore what it means to be a woman in medicine while having some fun along the way!


From the Archives: The Rest Cure
Show Details57min 53s
Ep. 40 Mothering the Mother: History of Doula Care
Show Details54min 44s
Ep 39. American Civil War Medicine: A Woman’s Battlefield
Show Details45min 49s
Ep. 38 The Next Defense: History of Medication Abortion
Show Details52min 51s
Ep. 37 Can't Be Tamed: The Wandering Womb
Show Details48min 21s
From the Archives: Underground Abortion Networks
Show Details59min 18s
Mini Series 1.6 La Llorona: The Wandering Soul
Show Details22min 44s
Mini Series 1.5 Yama Uba: Not a Monster At All
Show Details26min 35s
Mini Series 1.4 Surpanakha: Between Lust and Loneliness
Show Details23min 26s
Mini Series 1.3 Sphinx: The Intelligent Monster
Show Details25min 25s
Mini Series 1.2 Lilith: Of the Same Earth
Show Details22min 53s
Mini Series 1.1 Pandora: Our Last Hope
Show Details23min 41s
Mini Series Trailer: Women as Monsters
Show Details1min 20s
Bonus Ep 3. Exploring Passions, Feminism, & Mindsets with Cultivating Connection
Show Details1hr 35min
Ep. 36 STIs: The Ultimate Booby Trap
Show Details1hr 3min
Ep. 35 Art in Medicine: Giving Patients Voice & Doctors Sight
Show Details53min 2s
Ep. 34 Electroconvulsive Therapy: The Shocking Truth
Show Details54min 13s
Ep. 33 Tree-eaters vs Meat-eaters: & Everyone In Between
Show Details57min 57s
Ep. 32 Internal Medicine: The Tell All
Show Details57min 56s
Ep. 31 Witches: Society's Scapegoat
Show Details57min 5s
Ep. 30 Hysteria, (n.): Uterus (from Greek Hysterikos)
Show Details51min 9s
Ep. 29 Undesirable: The History of Forced Sterilization in the US
Show Details57min
Ep. 28 Cells & Periods: The Adventures of Dr. Mary Putnam Jacobi
Show Details48min 48s
Ep. 27 From Tradition to Rebellion: The History of Body Piercings
Show Details52min 47s
Ep. 26 The Not So Atypical Patient: Women's Heart Health
Show Details58min 55s
Ep. 25 Women and Ayurvedic Medicine: The Lap that Cradles Civilization
Show Details48min 6s
Ep. 24 The "Classical" Woman: Ancient Theories of Female Anatomy
Show Details54min 50s
Ep. 23 Too Tough & Not Enough: Trans Women in Sports
Show Details1hr 1min
Ep. 22 The Rest Cure: Prescribed Torture?
Show Details57min 53s
Ep. 21 Dr. Margaret Chung: Certified Boss Mom
Show Details52min 9s
Ep. 20 The Hands of a Woman: Surgery Spotlight
Show Details58min 12s
Ep. 19 On the Rag: Menstruation through the Ages
Show Details54min 29s
Ep. 18 Underground Abortion Networks: Filling in the Gaps
Show Details58min 45s
Ep. 17 A Girl’s Guide to Meds: Women’s Roles in Drug Development
Show Details58min 9s
Ep. 16 C-Sections: One (Un)Successful History
Show Details46min 58s
Ep. 15 Doctoring Women: The Healers and Resistors in Plantation Sickcare
Show Details50min 47s
Bonus Ep. 2 Let's talk Menopause & Sexual Function ft. Stephanie Faubion M.D., M.B.A. & Leading the Rounds
Show Details34min 58s
Ep. 14 Florence Nightingale: THE nurse (& statistician & researcher & advocate &...)
Show Details54min 22s
Ep. 13 Vaccines: The Women That Poked and Prodded
Show Details46min 56s
Ep. 12 Acupuncture: Finding Balance in Women's Health
Show Details51min 52s
Ep. 11 Beauty & Poison: Not Your Typical Beauty Standards Talk
Show Details51min 21s
Bonus Ep. Women's Work: A Candid Conversation About Speciality Prestige
Show Details50min 27s
Ep. 10 Pandemic Women: Comparing the 1918 Flu and COVID-19
Show Details51min 9s
Ep. 9 The Mastectomy: Reclaim Your Power
Show Details53min 43s
Ep. 8 Flibanserin: Viagra's Less Popular Little Sister
Show Details47min 54s
Ep. 7 Henrietta Lacks and HeLa: One in the Same
Show Details52min 5s
Ep. 6 Women as Medical Students: Time for a Takeover
Show Details50min 8s
Ep. 5 Birth Control Part 2: The Seventh Wonder
Show Details37min 20s
Ep. 5 Birth Control Part 1: The Seventh Wonder
Show Details39min 11s
Ep. 4 Anarcha, Betsey and Lucy: Remember Their Names
Show Details1hr 3min
Ep. 3 Freudian Ideas of Women: The Riddle
Show Details55min 32s
Ep. 2 Elizabeth Blackwell M.D.: Wait, THAT girl is a doctor?
Show Details46min 59s
Ep. 1 Ancient Origins of Nursing: The Rise and Fall
Show Details47min 1s
Ep. 0 Introduction
Show Details2min