Italian Passion Meets Filipino Flavors with Chef Margarita Forés

Season 2 | Episode 3
49m | Jan 24, 2024

Meeting one's hero is indeed a unique and transformative occurrence, and Chef Margarita Forés cherished the opportunity to connect with Anthony Bourdain, who had inspired her deeply. Step into the vibrant world of Chef Forés as she shares the magical moment when her son's determination led to a meeting with Tony in his Upper East Side apartment, creating a lasting connection between the Forés family and the renowned chef. Margarita paints a vivid picture of that memorable day in his apartment, where discussions about food extended beyond flavors, embracing the heart and soul of Filipino culture. She showcases two special peppermills as part of her grand collection that previously belonged to Tony. Explore the profound impact Bourdain had on Filipino cuisine, unraveling the mysteries of why it struggled to gain global recognition. Explore Chef Forés’ Italian culinary odyssey and the evolution of opening her own restaurant, Chibo, in 1997, a pioneer in bringing authentic Italian cuisine to Manila – and later Grace Park, a farm-to-table restaurant named after a place with deep family connections. This episode invites you to savor the essence of life, culture, and creativity through the lens of culinary artistry. 

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